WingFeather Saga Season 1 BluRay And DVD Combo Pack (Blu-ray)


New from Angel Studios, The Wingfeather Saga animated series is an adventurous and whimsical story based on the books by Andrew Peterson. Venture into the world of Aerwiar with Janner, Tink, and Leeli Igiby, three children living in an occupied land of lizard invaders. Follow along on their quest to escape the tyranny of the vicious Fangs of Dang and uncover the secrets of their family.

This combo pack presents The Wingfeather Saga in two formats to ensure compatibility with all your devices. The DVD version is perfect for enjoying the series at home or in your car and offers convenient playback on any standard DVD player. For an unparalleled visual experience, the Blu-ray version delivers stunning high-definition picture quality and immersive sound that truly brings the saga to life. Whether you’re watching on a large-screen TV or a portable Blu-ray player, every detail will be vivid and crisp.

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SKU (UPC): 850025017633
Produced by: Angel Studios
Binding: Blu-ray Disc
Published: November 2023
Publisher: Angel Studios


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