Weapon Of Mass Destruction (DVD)


The liberal bias toward the war in Iraq was one thing. Then came a propaganda piece that did more to line the pockets of a radical filmmaker than to tell the truth. That’s when Brad Maaske, a conservative businessman from the agricultural heart of California decided enough was enough. It was time for a documentary that told the truth about the human toll and terror under the personally guided regime of Saddam Hussein.
This movie offers a balanced view of the real Iraq–before, during, and following the military involvement of the United States and its allies. It provides an objective report for Americans to consider prior to going to the polls in November. Jano Rosebiani, co-producer of WMD, is an Iraq film director know most recently for the documentaries Mass Graves of Saddam Hussein and Chemical Ali.

Never-before-seen footage of the atrocities perpetrated in Iraq, chemical attacks, and interviews with survivors provide a riveting testimony for the justification of war and military support during reconstruction. Exclusive interviews and expert analysis of the current geopolitical situation are provided, including an in-depth interview by Victor David Hanson, author of eleven books, including The Western Way of War, An Autumn of War, and Between War and Peace.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780883687895
UPC: 630809687890
Produced by: Jeremiah Films
Binding: Video DVD
Published: October 2004
Publisher: Whitaker House Publishers


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