Lord Jesus Christ


Christ, our Redeemer

Jesus is the divine Son of God who has taken on human nature in the incarnation. And as prophet, priest, and king, he leads his people in a new exodus. In The Lord Jesus Christ, Brandon D. Crowe reflects on Christ’s person and work. Crowe traces christological concerns throughout the Old and New Testaments and church history and then presents systematic and practical implications. Through a combination of biblical, historical, and theological study, Crowe provides a fresh and robust statement of who Christ is and what he has done.

Written from a confessionally Reformed perspective in dialogue with the great creeds of the church, The Lord Jesus Christ provides a thorough and trustworthy guide to understanding Jesus and his salvific work.


SKU (ISBN): 9781683597162
ISBN10: 1683597168
Brandon Crowe | Editor: John McClean | Editor: Murray Smith
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: October 2023
We Believe
Publisher: Lexham Press/Kirkdale Press


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