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Category: Christology (Theology of Jesus Christ, the Son)

Christology (Theology of Jesus Christ, the Son)

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  • Person Of Christ


    An Introduction to Christology

    People are just as interested in discovering who Jesus is today as they were in the first century. Some view Jesus as a great prophet or a wise philosopher; for others, he is an important religious leader or even a revolutionary. In this addition to the Short Studies in Systematic Theology series, Stephen Wellum examines the divinity and humanity of Christ, focusing on who Jesus is from Scripture and historical theology. He also expounds on why Jesus is utterly unique and how Christians should think about the incarnation-the truth that God the Son took on flesh and became a man. As readers spend time thinking through the glory and majesty of Jesus, they will delight to know and proclaim Christ alone. Continue Reading Person Of Christ

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  • Is Jesus Truly God


    The question of Jesus’s divinity has been at the epicenter of theological discussion since the early church. At the Council of Nicea in AD 325, the church fathers affirmed that Jesus the Son of God is true God from true God. Today, creeds such as this are professed in churches across the world, and yet there remains confusion as to who Jesus is. To some, Jesus is a radical prophet-nothing more than a footnote in history. To others, Jesus is the only Son of God, fully God and fully man-the author of history entering history. Is Jesus Truly God? is an accessible resource, bridging the gap between the pulpit and the pew as it traces the rich roots of creedal Christology through the Scriptures, strengthening the reader’s understanding of Jesus as fully God and fully man. Continue Reading Is Jesus Truly God

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  • Destined For The Cross


    Disarming the Power of Death

    Many Christians enjoy the benefits of Christ’s sacrificial death yet remain unaware of the specific reasons he had to die.

    Today, Christians around the world accept Christ as the ransom of their souls and often teach on the joy of being born again and having the assurance of eternal life.

    His death also satisfied serious matters found in the law like righteousness, justice, and holiness.

    In this compelling review of why Jesus had to go to the cross, Randy shows us the myriad ways God has provided for his children through the obedient act of one man-Jesus.

    By his great love, Christ created a new way out of a hurting world.

    Come learn why your savior had to die. Continue Reading Destined For The Cross

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  • What Happened From The Cross To The Throne


    Believe it or not, as they stood at the foot of the cross, the original disciples who walked in close companionship with Jesus knew nothing of the real mission of the man they followed. They did not realize who Christ was, why He came, why He had to suffer, and what was to be gained by His suffering. They did not know what happened on the cross, or during the three days and nights in the tomb before His resurrection. They did not know why the incarnation was important, or that it even was an incarnation. All they could see was the undeserved suffering of their friend and rabbi.

    Now, legendary Bible teacher E. W. Kenyon reveals hidden truths there were not fully understood until the Pauline Revelation of the Epistles. Until God revealed these truths to the apostle Paul, no one understood why Christ came…why His death on the cross was necessary…or what exactly occurred in the tomb. They did not comprehend the good news: that because of these events, we now become the righteousness of God, people who can stand in God’s presence without a sense of guilt, shame, or inferiority. This is the miracle of redemption and the miracle of New Creation. It is the confidence to overcome the devil, to heal disease, and to call Lazarus out of the tomb.

    To this day, far too many believers share the disciple’s view of Jesus: a biographical account of the things He did, the words He spoke, and the suffering He endured. Because of this limited revelation, their Christian faith will experience the same fears and doubts the disciples were left with the day Jesus was crucified. Like the apostles at Pentecost, we must move beyond sense knowledge and into the Spirit realm. We must move beyond religion and into a living and active truth if we are to truly walk in a powerful and overcoming faith. Continue Reading What Happened From The Cross To The Throne

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  • Mas Que Un Rabino


    Millones y millones de personas adoran, veneran y admiran a Jesus de Nazaret. Dios, para algunos, maestro, para otros. La verdad, sin embargo, es que su historia y sus verdaderas enseanzas son ignoradas por las masas. Siglos de interpretaciones y manipulaciones han ocultado el hecho de que Jesus no era un cristiano. El reconocido historiador Cesar Vidal nos presenta en Mas que un rabino a Jesus quien nacio, vivio y murio como judio. No podemos entender a cabalidad sus enseanzas y su impacto en la religion hasta que entendamos completamente este hecho.

    Jesus of Nazareth is adored, venerated, and admired by millions and millions of people. God, for some, teacher, for others. The truth, however, is that His history and true teachings are largely ignored by the masses. Centuries of interpretations and manipulations have hidden the fact that Jesus was not a Christian. Jesus was born, lived and died a Jew, and we cannot fully understand his teachings and impact on religion until we fully understand that fact. Continue Reading Mas Que Un Rabino

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  • Mosaic Of Atonement


    The Mosaic of Atonement offers a fresh and integrated approach to historic models of atonement.While modern treatments of the doctrine have tended toward either a defensive hierarchy, in which one model is singled out as most important, or a disconnected plurality, in which multiple images are affirmed but with no order of arrangement, this book argues for a reintegration of four famous pieces of atonement doctrine through the governing image of Christ-shaped mosaic.Unlike a photograph in which tiny pixels present a seamless blending of color and shape, a mosaic allows each piece to retain its recognizable particularity, while also integrating them in the service of a single larger image. If one stands close, one can identify individual squares of glass or tile that compose the greater picture. And if one steps back, there is the larger picture to be admired. Yet in the great mosaics of age-old Christian churches, the goal is not for viewers to construct the image, as in a puzzle, but to appreciate it.So too with this mosaic of atonement doctrine. While no one model is set above or against the others, the book notes particular ways in which the pieces–the feet, heart, head, and hands–mutually support one another to form a more holistic vision of Christ’s work. This is my body, Jesus said to his followers, and by reintegrating these oft-dismembered aspects of atonement, we will note fresh ways in which it was given for us. Continue Reading Mosaic Of Atonement

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  • Superheroes Cant Save You Study Guide


    This new resource invites groups of all ages to go deeper in their study of Todd Miles’ book Superheroes Can’t Save You. Over the course of this 7 week study, readers will learn to identify the heretical presentations of Jesus that they encounter in everyday life, gain a deeper understanding of Jesus as the Bible reveals him, and spend quality time praying and studying God’s word with like-minded believers. Continue Reading Superheroes Cant Save You Study Guide

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  • Universal Christ : How A Forgotten Reality Can Change Everything We See, Ho


    From one of the world’s most influential spiritual thinkers, along-awaited book exploring what it means that Jesus was called Christ, and how this forgotten truth can transform everything we see, hope for, and believe.

    In his decades as a globally recognized teacher, Richard Rohr has helped millions realize what is at stake in matters of faith and spirituality. Yet Rohr hasnever written on the most perennially talked about topic in Christianity: Jesus. Most know who Jesus was, but who was Christ? Is the word simply Jesus’s last name? Too often, Rohr writes, our understandings have been limited by culture, religious squabbling, and the human tendency to put ourselves at the center.

    Drawing on scripture, history, and spiritual practice, Rohr articulates a transformative view of Jesus Christ as a portrait of God’s constant, unfolding work in the world. God loves things by becoming them, he writes, and Jesus’s life was meant to declare that humanity has never been separate from God–except by its own negative choice. When we recover this fundamental truth, faith becomes less about proving Jesus was God, and more about learning to recognize the Creator’s presence all around us, and in everyone we meet.

    Thought-provoking, practical, and full of deep hope and vision, The Universal Christ is a landmark book from one of our most beloved spiritual writers, and an invitation to contemplate how God liberates and loves all that is. Continue Reading Universal Christ : How A Forgotten Reality Can Change Everything We See, Ho

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  • Risen Christ : Jesus Final Words On Earth


    Jesus’ words from the cross are not Jesus’ last words on earth.

    Jesus appeared to his fearful and questioning disciples, encouraged them, and gave them his final instructions after his resurrection from the dead. In various settings and at different times, Jesus interacted with many of his followers to show them he was alive. His postresurrection dialogues with these women and men truly are Jesus’ last words!

    In this eight-session LifeGuide Bible study, you will meet the risen Jesus Christ and hear his words. May he encounter you in your life situations, encourage your faith and trust in him, and excite you about engaging others in discussions about Jesus.

    For over three decades LifeGuide Bible Studies have provided solid biblical content and raised thought-provoking questions-making for a one-of-a-kind Bible study experience for individuals and groups. This series has more than 130 titles on Old and New Testament books, character studies, and topical studies. Continue Reading Risen Christ : Jesus Final Words On Earth

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  • Jesus The End And The Beginning


    Telford Work examines some of the most important ways Jesus is the omega and the alpha–the end and the beginning. Jesus alone fulfills the divine purpose for all things, brings about the end of the old world’s evil and suffering, and begins eternity’s new creation. This core conviction is one of the deepest logics that shapes Christian thinking and life. The author offers a unique, big-picture introduction to how Jesus’s life and death shape Christian theology and practice and helps readers fully understand Jesus’s transformation of all things. Continue Reading Jesus The End And The Beginning

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  • 6 Hours One Friday (Expanded)


    Max Lucado takes the reader deep into the meaning of Jesus’ last hours on the cross in this expanded edition of the Lucado classic.There is a truth greater than all the losses and sorrow of life. And it can be discovered in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.In Six Hours One Friday, Max Lucado takes the reader deep into the meaning of Jesus’ last hours on the cross. Through his death, your life has purpose and meaning. You are forgiven and loved by a Savior who died for you. And an empty tomb proclaims that death does not have the final word.Peace where there should be pain. Confidence in the midst of crisis. Hope defying despair. Does death have the last word? I can see Jesus wink as he gives the answer: Not on your life.In this special expanded edition, Max Lucado will journey with the reader through a Bible study exploring each chapter of the book. Ideal for personal devotional time, small group study, or classroom exploration, this Lenten study will be supported through video as a Live Bible Study on Facebook Live, then subsequently supported through online streaming. Continue Reading 6 Hours One Friday (Expanded)

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  • Journeys With Jesus (Abridged)


    This is an abridged edition of Walking with Jesus through His Word (P&R, 2015).

    The Bible’s sixty-six books form one overarching storythe story of a Hero and his heroic missions. And this story is personal, focusing on the relationship of God and his people in the past, present, and future.

    On this eye-opening journey through the Old and New Testaments, Dennis Johnson shows how pervasive, recurring themes are always pointing us to Jesus Christ, the fulfillment of all God’s promises and all humanity’s hopes and longings. He shows us how to read on the alert, paying attention to the clues, examining their context, and interpreting them correctly.

    The story of Christ is the most important story of all. Meditate on the beautiful unity of God’s redemptive plan, and let your heart be kindled to flame with love for the Lord who came to serve us in love. Continue Reading Journeys With Jesus (Abridged)

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  • Jesus Paul Knew (Student/Study Guide)


    Getting The Most Out Of The Jesus Paul Knew
    1. Source Of Grace (1 Timothy 1:1-2, 12-17)
    2. Visionary Leader (Acts 26)
    3. Comfort In Dark Times (Philippians 1:12-26)
    4. The Peacemaker (2 Corinthians 5:11-21)
    5. Demanding Everything (Philippians 3:1-14)
    6. Lover And Protector (Romans 8:31-39)
    7. Choosing The Cross (1 Corinthians 1:18-31; 2:1-5)
    8. Giver Of Strength And Contentment (Philippians 4:10-20)
    9. Jesus Or Nothing (Galatians 1:1-9; 2:20-21)
    10. Inspirer Of Praise (Ephesians 1:3-14)
    Leader’s Notes

    Additional Info
    For to me, to live is Christ, (Philippians 1:21).

    Many of us may have thought more about Paul’s foundational theology than about how Paul learned more about Jesus and what it meant to obey him in the everyday tests of his faith. This ten-session study guide leads us through the growth in the apostle Paul’s knowledge of Jesus and how it changed his life, when at pivotal points he intersected with Jesus.

    For over three decades LifeGuide Bible Studies have provided solid biblical content and raised thought-provoking questions-making for a one-of-a-kind Bible study experience for individuals and groups. This series has more than 130 titles on Old and New Testament books, character studies, and topical studies. Continue Reading Jesus Paul Knew (Student/Study Guide)

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  • Understanding The Holy Temple Jesus Knew


    Understanding the Holy Temple Jesus Knew: The Background to Key Gospel Events is a companion volume to Understanding the Holy Temple of the Old Testament by the same authors. Its aim is to provide a backdrop to the Gospel scenes that depict Jesus moving throughout the courts of the Temple, a place where he performed many of his most significant acts. The authors begin at the Holy of Holies, the central focus of the complex, and follow Jesus and his contemporaries through the great Sanctuary of Israel. Stopping off at many points along the way, they reflect on scenes such as the Presentation in the Temple, Jesus’ visit at age twelve, and the rending of the veil between the Holy and the Most Holy at his crucifixion. Their exploration in Understanding the Holy Temple Jesus Knew is facilitated by the richly detailed reconstruction drawings that accompany the lively text of this latest publication by the Ritmeyers. Continue Reading Understanding The Holy Temple Jesus Knew

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  • Jesus : The Life And Ministry Of God The Son Collected Insights From A W To


    Reflections on Christ, from a beloved spiritual writer

    A. W. Tozer was a man of remarkable knowledge, an avid reader of Christians and philosophers from throughout the ages. But he meditated on the Bible, making him-like John Wesley-a man of one Book and a student of many.

    Combine this knowledge with his acclaimed writing style and you have works like this one, high thoughts of God brought low-yet no less moving-for the common reader.

    Jesus: The Life and Ministry of God the Son features selections from Tozer’s writings on the God-man, Jesus Christ. It follows the chronology of Christ’s earthly life and explores classic themes of Christology, helping readers better comprehend and appreciate Jesus’ person and work.

    When you set out to study Christ, you want to behold His splendor the best you can. That’s why writers like A. W. Tozer are excellent guides: they love the Lord, know Him well, and have enough accumen with the written word to lay the weight of glory on your heart like few can.

    Read Jesus and appreciate anew the Savior of the world and the power of the written word to glorify His name. Continue Reading Jesus : The Life And Ministry Of God The Son Collected Insights From A W To

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  • Death In Adam Life In Christ


    J. V. Fesko works through the doctrine of imputation, looking at its long history in the church, its exegetical foundation, and its dogmatic formulation. In exploring imputed guilt from the First Adam alongside the imputed righteousness from the Second, this volume offers a helpfully well-rounded explanation of the doctrine. Continue Reading Death In Adam Life In Christ

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  • Jesus The Priest


    Following his critically acclaimed book Jesus the Temple, Nicholas Perrin here offers an insightful theological contribution to Jesus studies that synthesizes the best in traditional/conservative and liberal reconstructions of Jesus’s life and teaching. Some view Jesus as an eschatological prophet (conservative tradition) while others view him as a teacher of wisdom (liberal tradition). Perrin identifies the priesthood of Jesus as a mediating understanding that sheds crucial light on the kingdom of God. By viewing Jesus as priest, we understand that the central aim of God’s kingdom is not the salvation of individual souls or the creation of a better society but rather the establishment of authentic worship.
    Continue Reading Jesus The Priest

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  • 40 Questions About The Historical Jesus


    Answers to critical questions regarding the study of the Jesus of history and the Christ of faith

    The conclusions of the quest for the historical Jesus, which casts the majority of Christ’s life as a myth, are a stark contrast to the orthodox view of Christ as presented in the Bible. Pate demonstrates that a critical analysis of the gospel text along with historical and cultural methods of investigation actually point toward an orthodox view of Christ.

    This work argues that the canonical Gospels are the most trustworthy information we have about the gospel writers as well as the life and ministry of Jesus, including his death, visit to
    hades, resurrection, and ascension. Readers will be encouraged by the reliability of the Gospel writers, the reality of Jesus’ humanity and deity, and the inferiority of the apocryphal gospels.
    Continue Reading 40 Questions About The Historical Jesus

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  • Who Is Jesus


    A famed historian once noted that, regardless of what you think of him personally, Jesus Christ stands as the central figure in the history of Western civilization. A man violently rejected by some and passionately worshipped by others, Jesus remains as polarizing as ever. But most people still know very little about who he really was, why he was really here, or what he really claimed. Intended as a succinct introduction to Jesus’s life, words, and enduring significance, Who Is Jesus? offers non-Christians and new Christians alike a compelling portrait of Jesus Christ. Ultimately, this book encourages readers to carefully consider the history-shaping life and extraordinary teachings of the greatest man who ever lived. Continue Reading Who Is Jesus

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  • Messiah And The Psalms


    Preface ……………………………………………………………………….7
    Chapter 1
    Key Issues In Interpreting The Psalms ……………………………..13
    Chapter 2
    Diff Erent Approaches To The Messianic Psalms ………………….21
    Chapter 3
    Th E Christological Approach To The Messiah In The Psalms …31
    Chapter 4
    Indirect Messianic Psalms: Psalms Of Orientation ……………..43
    Chapter 5
    Indirect Messianic Psalms: Psalms Of Disorientation ………….67
    Chapter 6
    Indirect Messianic Psalms: Psalms Of New Orientation ………99
    Chapter 7
    Th E Royal Psalms ………………………………………………………..117
    Chapter 8
    Direct Messianic Psalms ……………………………………………….157
    Chapter 9
    Conclusion: Th E Majesty Of Christ In The Psalms ………………195
    Bibliography ……………………………………………………………….209
    References ………………………………………………………………….219

    Additional Info
    Many Christians today have only a very limited knowledge of the Psalms and are oblivious to the relevance and significance this portion of scripture has, both to the New Testament and to their lives in the 21st century.

    This book will help pastors, seminary students, lay leaders and Christians in personal study, to understand how the psalms relate to Christ so they will be better equipped to preach and teach the psalms. Some psalms have a direct relationship to Christ, but with other psalms the link is not always as evident. Belcher shows that all the psalms relate in some way to Christ’s person or his work. The biblical basis for this view is laid out and then how it works with different types of psalms is examined. In addition to this Belcher then goes on to offer deeper exposition into those psalms that have a direct relationship to Christ.

    Enlightening, perceptive and balanced, Belcher has successfully filled a void in the study of the Psalms. By doing so he has provided a methodology and a model other cans use to understand the psalms in their Old Testament context and how they relate to Christ and to God’s people today. Continue Reading Messiah And The Psalms

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  • Resurrection : Living As People Of Risen Lord (Student/Study Guide)


    1. New Breath For Old Bones (Ezekiel 37:1-14)
    2. Healing And Restoration (Mark 5:21-43)
    3. A Love Stronger Than Death (John 11:1-44)
    4. Broken Bread And Open Eyes (Luke 24:13-35)
    5. To The End Of The Age (Matthew 28)
    6. Both Lord And Messiah (Acts 2:22-36)
    7. No Meaningless Work (1 Cor 15:50-58)
    8. The Spirit Of Life In Our Bodies (Rom 8:1-17)
    9. New Clothing (Col 3:1-17)
    10. All Things Made New (Revelation 21:1-8)

    Additional Info
    Surveys the resurrection story from the perspective of the Old Testament and the full New Testament. Explores the meaning of Christ’s resurrection in our lives today and in the way we look toward the future. Continue Reading Resurrection : Living As People Of Risen Lord (Student/Study Guide)

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  • Jesus Is The Christ


    Who do the Gospels say Jesus is? The title and role of Messiah ascribed to Jesus in the Gospels has long been regarded as a late add on, a fabricated claim or an insignificant feature. Michael Bird, however, argues that the Gospels’ messianic claims are the most significant feature of their portrayal of Jesus.

    Bird describes how each Evangelist portrays Jesus as the Messiah of Israel, what they think is at stake in that claim, and how the claim that Jesus is the Messiah drives the purpose and shape of the Gospels. Emphasizing that Christianity was a messianic movement rooted in its Jewish context, Bird points toward the profound theological implication of Jesus’ identity: that Jesus’ messiahship is the mother of all Christology. Continue Reading Jesus Is The Christ

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  • Jesus The Messiah


    Few books have sought to exhaustively trace the theme of Messiah through all of Scripture,
    but this book does so with the expert analysis of three leading evangelical scholars. For the Bible student and pastor, Jesus the Messiah presents a comprehensive picture of both scriptural and cultural expectations surrounding the Messiah, from an examination of the Old Testament promises to their unique and perfect fulfillment in Jesus’ life.
    Students of the life of Christ will benefit from the authors’ rich understanding of ancient biblical culture and pastors will find an indispensable help for understanding the unity and importance of the ancient promise of Messiah. This handsome volume will be a ready reference on Messiah for years to come.

    Continue Reading Jesus The Messiah

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  • Greatest Words Ever Spoken


    Have you ever wanted to ask Jesus for his insights on the challenges you face? Now you can! Organized under 200 topics, this inspirational guide gives you instant access to Jesus’ teachings on relationships, prayer, finances, career, forgiveness, temptation, and more. Let his words of wisdom, power, and faith bring new vision to your life! Continue Reading Greatest Words Ever Spoken

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  • Spirituality Of The Cross


    After a journey of years through a variety of religious experiences and frustrations with mysticism and eastern religions, liberal theology and social justice programs, and several branches of Christianity, Dr. Gene Veith found answers in Christianity and specifically with the first evangelicals [Lutherans].
    For Veith, Christianity is not about a general vague force called God but about God in the flesh and God on the cross and why this matters in everyday life. It all hinges around this one historical faith … around this mystery of incarnation, atonement, redemption.

    In The Spirituality of the Cross, the author discusses in detail the biblical views of the first evangelicals, why and how they satisfy our deep hunger for the spiritual. He found this framework big enough to embrace the whole range of human existence, a realistic spirituality.

    Topics include

    the Word of God
    justification by faith
    means of grace
    theology of the cross
    the two kingdoms and the church.
    Continue Reading Spirituality Of The Cross

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  • Christ Of The Empty Tomb


    The Message of Easter is kept more in the background of the holiday than that of Christmas. After all, this is not the joyous welcoming of a baby with the giving of gifts, this is the brutal death of a young man, stripped of any gifts and dignity. For the Easter story to work as a joyous occasion you have to accept two stories – the death of Jesus – a negative event – and then the resurrection of Jesus – which requires faith. Without faith, the events speak of failure, with faith, they speak of triumph. Here the drama, purpose and events of Easter interplay around these two stories – and bring out the joy. Continue Reading Christ Of The Empty Tomb

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  • Jesus : The Greatest Life Of All


    Jesus Christ. He is, without question, the most influential person in history. Millions of people claim the truths of the religion that bears His name. But who exactly is Jesus? A popular religious teacher? An ancient martyr? Many today are unsure. Even scholars debate whether the Jesus of history is the Christ of faith. Now, more than ever, we need a clear understanding of the person and work of the man millions call Savior. In this ninth and final biographical study in the best-selling Great Lives from God’s Word series, beloved pastor and Bible teacher Charles Swindoll introduces you to the carpenter from Nazareth as you have never seen Him before.

    This fascinating biography, filled with biblical and historical insights, takes you on an unforgettable journey through the complex and provocative life of Jesus of Nazareth. His unique birth. His astonishing power. His controversial teaching. His shocking death. And His world-changing resurrection.

    Refreshingly honest and deep, this in-depth profile reveals Jesus with great clarity and offers practical applications for your own life. Whether you’re just curious about Jesus or a longtime follower of His life and teachings, you’ll experience His life in a new way as you join Dr. Swindoll in Jesus: The Greatest Life of All. Continue Reading Jesus : The Greatest Life Of All

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  • Encounters With Christ


    This exquisite and compelling book by best-selling author, Richard Exley, helps readers experience the miracles of Jesus in a marvelously fresh way. You will see Him…through the Eyes of Those Who Were there.

    Encounters with Christ gives the reader an eye-witness view into the familiar stories of such figures as the woman at the well, Zacheus the tax collector, the woman taken in adultery, and so many others.

    Exley takes these stories beyond the bottom line facts in the Bible and brings each account to life and in doing so the humanity of each character is vividly depicted. More importantly, readers will see themselves in each of these portraits. Readers will witness first-hand the miracles of Christ and experience the simple majesty of His love and compassion through the interpretation of those who were there.

    Luminous, vivid, and compelling in presentation. An absolute must read.
    Continue Reading Encounters With Christ

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  • Jesus And The Gospels 2nd Edition


    This second edition of Jesus and the Gospels prepares readers for an inten- sive study of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and the events they narrate. Craig Blomberg considers the historical context of the Gospels and sheds light on the confusing interpretations brought forth over the last two centuries. The origi- nal 1997 book won a Gold Medallion Award from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association, and this updated version, factoring in new scholarship, debate, critical methods, and the ongoing quest of the historical Jesus, ensures the work will remain a top tool for exploring the life of Christ through the first four books of the New Testament. Continue Reading Jesus And The Gospels 2nd Edition

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  • I Am : Discovering Who Jesus Is (Student/Study Guide)


    In the midst of friends’ grief, a crownd’s hunger and follower’s fear, Jesus made some bold claims: I am the Resurrection. I am the Bread of Life. I am the Way. His claims are still true in our grief, fear and uncertainty. These eight studies help us see Jesus more clearly and live with hope and confidence because of who he is. Continue Reading I Am : Discovering Who Jesus Is (Student/Study Guide)

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  • 50 Reasons Why Jesus Came To Die


    Why did Jesus Christ die? The central issue of his death is not the cause, but the meaning – God’s meaning.

    Pastor John Piper has gathered from the New Testament fifty reasons – in answer to the most important question that each of us must face: What did God achieve for sinners like us in sending His Son to die?

    Previously published under the title The Passion of Jesus Christ and sold more than 1.8 million copies. Continue Reading 50 Reasons Why Jesus Came To Die

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  • Evidence For The Resurrection Pamphlet 5 Pack


    High Gloss Plastic Coated Sheet
    Size: 8.5 X 5.5 12-14 Panels Unfolds To 33 Long

    Additional Info
    Pamphlet: Evidence for the Resurrection
    Here are 12 reasons skeptics should believe that Jesus died and rose again. Examine the historical, archaeological, and cultural proofs for Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Also know the answers to other beliefs held by atheists and others. Learn why the resurrection is central for Christians. Discover the evidence that has convinced critics over the years. Continue Reading Evidence For The Resurrection Pamphlet 5 Pack

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  • Lords Prayer : 8 Studies For Individuals Or Groups (Student/Study Guide)


    When the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray, he gave them what is now known as the Lord’s Prayer.

    What is the Lord’s Prayer to you? Is it a formal prayer that you repeat only during Sunday morning worship? Has it become so familiar that you hardly think about its meaning? If so, you are missing out on a rich resource for your spiritual life.

    In this study guide Douglas Connelly unpacks the Lord’s Prayer section by section with additional texts that help you dig deeper into Jesus’ teaching about how to pray.

    This LifeGuide Bible Study features questions for starting group discussions and for meeting God in personal reflection, together with leader’s notes and a Now or Later section in each study.

    Continue Reading Lords Prayer : 8 Studies For Individuals Or Groups (Student/Study Guide)

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  • Life Of Jesus Wall Chart Laminated


    The bright colorful chart shows kids 25 major events in Jesus life, His birth, miracles, healings, His death, burial, and ascension. The chart may be cut into strips and used as a time line. Continue Reading Life Of Jesus Wall Chart Laminated

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  • 100 Prophecies Fulfilled By Jesus Pamphlet 5 Pack


    Unfolds To 33 Long.
    High Gloss Plastic Coated Sheet

    Additional Info
    Students will be amazed to discover that Jesus fulfilled more than 100 prophecies that were foretold 400-1500 years before he was born concerning his birth, life, ministry, death, and resurrection. Reproducible worksheets on back. Now available as a pamphlet. Continue Reading 100 Prophecies Fulfilled By Jesus Pamphlet 5 Pack

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  • Jesus Final Week (Student/Study Guide)


    1. Sunday: Triumphal Entry
    2. Monday: Clearing The Temple
    3. Tuesday: Teaching At The Mount Of Olives
    4. Thursday: The Last Supper
    5. Thursday: Betrayal And Arrest
    6. Friday: Trial
    7. Friday: Crucifixion
    8. Sunday: Resurrection

    Additional Info
    The events of Jesus’ final week of like—Palm Sunday, the Last Supper, the trial, Jesus’ death and his resurrection—are foundational to our Christian lives and to our salvation. Focusing on these events day by day brings new understanding to who Jesus is and how he loves us. Continue Reading Jesus Final Week (Student/Study Guide)

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  • Meeting Jesus : 13 Studies For Individuals Or Groups (Student/Study Guide)


    After you’ve met Jesus, you are never the same again. His teaching challenges your thinking. His compassion softens your heart. His love turns your life around. In this guide evangelist Leighton Ford will lead you through thirteen studies from the four Gospels that will open your eyes or for the first time to Jesus Christ.
    Continue Reading Meeting Jesus : 13 Studies For Individuals Or Groups (Student/Study Guide)

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  • Parables : The Greatest Stories Ever Told (Student/Study Guide)


    Everyone loves a good story. But the parables of Jesus are a special kind of story. They sneak up on us, catching us off guard. The familiar suddenly takes an unexpected twist, and we find our secret thoughts exposed in the healing light of Jesus. In this guide John White, author of the bestselling book The Fight, helps us explore twelve of the greatest stories ever told. Continue Reading Parables : The Greatest Stories Ever Told (Student/Study Guide)

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  • Blood And The Glory


    Discover the Truth About the Blood of Jesus and the Glory of God!

    Salvation is more than just being saved from sin. Salvation is being saved to the glory of God. We were created in the likeness and the image of God, and it is His desire for us to be crowned with His glory and honor.

    The Blood and The Glory reveals how the power of the Blood of Jesus and the glory of God fit together in God’s plan of redemption. This exciting book draws from the experiences of great leaders of faith from the past to rekindle the power of the Blood of Jesus in the Church today. Combining personal stories with strong biblical principles, Billye Brim teaches the importance of depending upon the Blood of Jesus in your daily walk with God. You will understand as never before that without the Blood of Jesus it is impossible to be prepared for the glory of God.

    By using the principles outlined in this book, you will learn the following:

    * How to use the Blood of Jesus to overcome the enemy

    * How to use the Blood of Jesus to protect your family

    * How to draw a blood line around your property and possessions

    * How to maintain victory through the Blood of Jesus

    * How the Blood of Jesus is connected to the outpourings of the Holy Spirit

    We are in the last days. The circle of glory is almost complete. It is through the Blood of Jesus that we can be redeemed to our rightful place of glory and honor in the kingdom of God. Continue Reading Blood And The Glory

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