Hope : The Anchor Of Your Soul


When trouble knocks you off of your feet, hope also seems to be swept away. To regain a hopeful outlook on life is not difficult or complicated. All it requires is a shift in focus. Ship anchors are often used as a Christian symbol to represent Christ, who provides security to believers, holding them secure no matter the severity of the storm. When you have Christ as your anchor, rather than drowning in despair, you are held secure in His hope.

There are many causes of hopelessness, the most common is placing our confidence on things that can fail: money, health, beauty, and status Painful circumstances such as divorce or a rebellious child cause us to lose hope in God’s will, but our hope in God should not be based on other people or circumstances. God wants to work out His purposes for you and ultimately give you peace that passes all understanding. Learn what all of the unreliable anchors are, and how to place your hope in the only anchor that will never fail.

In the section titled, “Steps to Solution,” June Hunt gives you practical advice on:
*What Characterizes Misplaced Hope
*The Symptoms of Hopelessness
*What Distinguishes Faith from Hope
*How to Understand God’s Will in the Midst of Disappointment
*How to Reach Out to those contemplating Suicide

Find an anchor for your soul and a sure hope through the guaranteed promises of God. Learn the assurances that come with Christian hope versus cultural hope. Discover the characteristics and benefits of a life harbored in the hope of God’s unfailing Word.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781596366558
ISBN10: 1596366559
June Hunt
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: May 2013
Hope For The Heart
Publisher: Aspire Press – Hendrickson Publishing Group


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