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  • Poder Creativo De Dios Obrara


    !La Palabra de Dios es la cosa mas poderosa en el universo hoy en dia! Usted tiene la autoridad de dar una voz a Su Palabra.

    Mucha gente ha sido derrotada en vida porque ellos creyeron y hablaron las cosas equivocadas. Ellos han permitidos las palabras de su propio boca ponerlos en esclavitud.

    Dios creyo el universo por el hablarlo a la existencia. Dios le ha dado a usted la misma habilidad en la forma de Su Palabra. Para ser efectivo en vida usted debe hablar palabras de fe. Todo principio de fe, toda ley espiritual, toda promesa de Dios estuvo establecido para su crecimiento. Dios estructuro Su Palabra para imponerle a usted en vida.

    In este libro, usted puede aprender como liberar la habilidad de Dios por las palabras de su boca.

    Las palabras llenas de temor le derrotara a usted. !Pero las palabras llenas de fe se le impondran! Continue Reading Poder Creativo De Dios Obrara

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  • Poder Creativo De Dios Para La


    El Poder Creativo de Dios Le Dara Resultados, por Charles Capps, inicialmente publicado en 1976, !cuenta con mas de 4 millones de copias vemdidas! Los poderosos principios de la profesion de la Palabra de Dios contenidos en estas paginas han revolucionado la vida de cristianos alrededor del mundo.

    Ahora, El Poder Creativo de Dios Para Sanar esta aqui para que siga en sus pasos.

    Este poderoso libro combina las enseanzas con las declaraciones de la Palabra de Dios para la sanidad de Dios para su sanidad por las palabra de su boca!

    Las palabras llenas de fe se le impondran. !El Poder Creativo de Dios Para Sanar trabajara para usted! Continue Reading Poder Creativo De Dios Para La

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  • Anxiety : Calming The Fearful Heart


    The fearful unknowns, unending what-ifs, sleepless nights, and nervousness lead to a sense of impending doom. Then muscles tense, thoughts race, hearts pound, and breath is shortened. It’s anxiety. Anxiety is complex and multifaceted, affecting every area of life. The good news is that God invites you to bring your anxiety to him. Discover how God’s word can help calm the fearful, anxious heart.

    *What causes anxiety?
    *What are anxiety disorders?
    *The connection between anxiety, stress, and depression.
    *Myths and misconceptions about anxiety.
    *How to control your thoughts.
    *How to calm your body. Continue Reading Anxiety : Calming The Fearful Heart

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  • Worry : The Joy Stealer


    Don’t worry about it. Too often, this is easier said than done! For some, worrying comes as natural as breathing and is easy to dismiss as a by-product of concern: I worry about you because I care about you. Whether it’s about passing a test, a loved one’s safety, or personal pressures, the weight of the what-ifs leave us weary and steal our joy. In Worry: The Joy Stealer you’ll discover:

    *What exactly is worry?
    *What makes people worry?
    *How is worry different from anxiety and concern?
    *What factors contribute to worry?
    *How to correct faulty thinking.
    *How to stop worrying and start living. Continue Reading Worry : The Joy Stealer

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  • Loneliness : How To Be Alone But Not Lonely


    God designed us to be in meaningful and satisfying relationships with friends, with family, and possibly with a husband or wife. But the reality is we can feel so lonely, so separated, so isolated, and thinking no one really understands. This mini-book Loneliness: How to Be Alone but Not Lonely gives christian advice on how to find comfort in knowing God understands our deepest times of loneliness. He knows the heaviness of your heart. And you will find practical and biblical advice on how to find joy in times of solitude.

    The loss of a relationship-whether by death, divorce, or rejection of any kind-can leave us feeling devastated.

    But you don’t have to feel lonely forever…
    Loneliness: How to Be Alone but Not Lonely will help you discover…
    *4 ways to break out of loneliness.
    *How to take control of your feelings.
    *3 ways you can start feeling better right now.
    *10 Bible promises that will give you comfort and hope.

    June Hunt, a Christian counselor who has been embraced singleness, knows exactly what you are feeling. Find out how I handle loneliness so that it becomes the doorway leading to a deep relationship with God. I will show you how to turn loneliness into healthy solitude that will bring you closer to God.

    Author and Christian radio host June Hunt has counseled thousands of people over the past 20 years. She helps you understand your loneliness so you know what approach to take, so you can break free of loneliness.

    Bonus: June’s easy-to-read mini-book has a Loneliness Checklist that helps you-
    *Identify the characteristics that make it difficult to find comfort
    *Key steps to overcome them Continue Reading Loneliness : How To Be Alone But Not Lonely

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  • Domestic Violence : Assault On A Womans Worth


    God designed the marriage relationship to benefit one another. He intended married couples to love, honor, and cherish each other all the days of their lives, but life doesn’t always turn out that way. In some relationships, cruelty has replaced the sacred relationship defined by God. The Domestic Violence mini-book outlines a Christian approach to help you identify and stop physical and emotional abuse.

    Experts estimate that 1-in-3 women suffer from some form of violence from a husband, boyfriend, or relative. In too many homes around the world, the marriage bond has become bondage-shared lives have become shattered by abuse. Husbands berate, belittle, and betray their wives. Yet these secret assaults stay hidden from the outside world. One mate harming the other has undermined the sacred relationship created by God.

    Any form of abuse is a flagrant violation of the marriage vows, To have and to hold from this day forward,to love and to cherish, ’til death do us part. And although such abuse is too frequently behind closed doors, it is blatantly in the open before the eyes of the Lord.

    Included in the mini-book Domestic Violence: Assault on a Woman’s Worth are abuse checklists with a list of behaviors that you may have observed or experienced. God has a heart for those who are victims of domestic violence. He wants you to know that he hears your cries; he thinks you are worthy of love without violence, and he holds you in the palm of his hand. Learn the causes of violent behavior and the reasons many women won’t leave abusive relationships.

    In the section titled, Steps to Solution, June Hunt gives many tools:
    *How to answer a person who claims that violence is justified.
    *How to know whether the abuser has really changed
    *How to build healthy boundaries
    *How to prepare a safety plan
    *How to use the law in the United States
    *And much more.

    This mini-book is a quick overview and is easy-to-understand. It focuses on the key issues and is perfect for the busy person who needs instant advice. Continue Reading Domestic Violence : Assault On A Womans Worth

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  • Scripture Confessions For Healing


    With today’s busy and demanding schedules, we all need God’s Word wherever we go!

    This little book is filled with personalized, Scripture-based confessions for health and healing and for finances. Readers can now arm themselves with the Word of God to win life’s battles.

    The Scripture Confessions Series connects the reader to the timeless passages in God’s Word that speak to the issues of most concern to them. More than just a book of prayers, the reader will find personalized confessions that will strengthen them with God’s Word to overcome every adversity.

    This unique collection of Scriptures is a must have for readers on the go. Whether at work or home, readers can access Scripture Confessions and remind themselves of God’s faithful promises, in all areas including healing, finances, protection, wisdom, and more! Continue Reading Scripture Confessions For Healing

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  • Gods Creative Power For Finances


    Words are the most powerful things in the universe today. They can defeat you or they can bring you life. They can make the difference in your finances and your well-being. God created the universe by speaking it into existence and He has given you that same ability. Learn to turn your financial situation around by following the powerful principles of faith contained in this book. Continue Reading Gods Creative Power For Finances

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  • What Happens When Jesus Shows Up


    When Jesus shows up good things happen. He comes to bless and meet all our needs and calm the storms of our lives. Best of all, when Jesus shows up, He forgives our sin! Continue Reading What Happens When Jesus Shows Up

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  • Overeating : Freedom From Food Fixation


    SKU (ISBN): 9781596369467June HuntBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2014Hope For The HeartPublisher: Rose Publishing

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  • Financial Freedom : How To Manage Your Money Wisely


    SKU (ISBN): 9781596369412June HuntBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2014Hope For The HeartPublisher: Rose Publishing

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  • Who God Is Not


    Who is God? What is He like? How can we expect Him to act? These are the questions people have been asking for thousands of years. You’ve probably asked them yourself. The answers you come up with will profoundly affect your relationship with God and the quality of your life. In this powerful little book, Mac Hammond takes you to the Word of God and shows you who God is not, thus bringing life-changing insights about who He is. No matter who you are, no matter how much or how little you know about God, you’ll benefit from an understanding of who God is not. Continue Reading Who God Is Not

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  • Little Book Of Church Signs


    The church road sign has often served as the community’s moral compass-offering direction and pearls of wisdom as commuters travel to and fro in the daily hustle and bustle of life. Amusing and inspiring, the more than 125 passages within this little book can be thought of as mini-roadside sermons for our on-the-go times.
    Continue Reading Little Book Of Church Signs

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  • Apronisms : Pocket Wisdom For Every Day


    With features on CBS’s Sunday Morning and NPR’s All Things Considered, EllynAnne Geisel raises the apron to cult status. This little book asserts, You can never have too many aprons or too many memories. Apron anecdotes and aphorisms merge with quotes, photographs, and memories to offer down-home-spun, no-nonsense wisdom that is tinged with humor. For ultimate giftability, the book’s case wrap mimics fabric. Continue Reading Apronisms : Pocket Wisdom For Every Day

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  • You Know Youve Reached Middle Age If….


    You Know You’ve Reached Middle Age If . . . is a requiem to retirement. For boomers celebrating their official entry into middleagedom or those just on the cusp, Joey Green and Alan Corcoran offer hundreds of humorous defining moments that even the youngest at heart can’t dispute.
    Continue Reading You Know Youve Reached Middle Age If….

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  • Of Angels


    Angels have always been among us. They bring hope and comfort to those in despair. They watch over us and, with a gentle guiding touch, show us the way. Of Angels collects not only some of the world’s best-loved images of angels but also some of the most insightful, beautiful, and luminous writing on this lightest of subjects.
    Continue Reading Of Angels

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  • Lighthouses


    Lighthouses have a certain mystique and glory all their own. This Little Book sheds light on the extensive, impressive history of a coastal mainstay.
    Continue Reading Lighthouses

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  • Sister Knows Your Heart


    A sister knows the heart of a sister like no other-and, sometimes, only the heart, mind, and hand of a sister will do. Painter of Light Thomas Kinkade celebrates the bond between sisters in this Little Book.
    Continue Reading Sister Knows Your Heart

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  • Child Is A Gift


    Becoming a parent is a blessing that forever changes lives. Filled with Thomas Kinkade artwork and quotes from notable writers, this Little Book commemorates the miracle that comes with having a child. Continue Reading Child Is A Gift

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  • Places In The Heart


    Thomas Kinkade’s paintings capture places that don’t appear on any map-they are places in the heart. This book is the perfect gift for those people who bring light to our lives and occupy special places in our hearts. Continue Reading Places In The Heart

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  • Very Special Birthday


    Celebrate a loved one’s birthday with this extraordinary Little Book by Thomas Kinkade. The Painter Of Light. These words and paintings illustrate the sacredness of life and remind us to give thanks for the blessings another year will bring. Continue Reading Very Special Birthday

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  • Lifes Little Blessings


    A poignant reminder of the blessings life holds, this gift book features the enchanting paintings of Thomas Kinkade with accompanying quotations on the bounty of God’s gifts. Continue Reading Lifes Little Blessings

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  • Joy Of Fatherhood


    Both proud new fathers and men enjoying their grandchildren will be touched by this new Little Book. Thomas Kinkade’s majestic artwork complements advice and quotations on the joyous experience of being a father.
    Continue Reading Joy Of Fatherhood

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  • Joy Of Motherhood


    Beautiful paintings by Thomas Kinkade and collected words of wisdom celebrate mothers in this charming gift book. A memorable gift for any mom.
    Continue Reading Joy Of Motherhood

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  • Marriage : To Have And To Hold


    This marriage counseling book, Marriage: To Have and to Hold explains how to sort out common marriage problems, build healthy communication, and move your relationship in the right direction using practical marriage advice and biblical wisdom.

    …and they lived happily ever after. Has happily ever after turned out differently than you thought? Most marital conflict and dissatisfaction stems from unrealistic expectations. In this Christian marriage book, discover how to uproot common myths about What a Christian marriage should be and find out Bible-based, practical tips for marriage that can transform your relationship from the inside out
    Continue Reading Marriage : To Have And To Hold

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  • God Is My Source


    Take the God Is My Source challenge! Many people are faced with overwhelming financial challenges. When they compare their paycheck to their needs, they wonder…How are we going to pay for this? Where will the money come from? What are we going to do? When we look to the Word of God, scripture after scripture proves that God is THE SOURCE of everything we need. In this little book, Gloria Copeland and Pastor George Pearsons will help you renew your mind to become fully persuaded that God is your Source. Now, heres the challenge: Read the seventy God Is My Source scriptures every day. Read each scripture, and SAY IT out loud! Follow the WRITE IT assignments. Log every financial and provisional miracle that you receive. When you SEE IT work, it will encourage your faith. Continue Reading God Is My Source

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  • Tiempo De Siembra Y Cosecha


    En este librete de bolsillo, en espaol, Charles Capps ensea que hay algo que usted puede hacer para producir una cosecha en su vida. Jesus dijo que usted es el que planta el germen. La palabra del dios es germen incorruptible, y las promesas del dios son germenes para la cosecha. Como usted lee, usted aprendera que como usted habla las promesas del dios fuera de su boca como germen, entra su corazon crecer y producir una cosecha de la bendicion.

    The Spanish Version of the pocket booklet, ‘Seedtime and Harvest’, Charles Capps teaches that there is something you can do to produce a harvest in your life. Jesus said that you are the one planting the seed. God’s Word is incorruptible seed, and God’s promises are seeds for harvest. As you read, you will learn that as you speak God’s promises out of your mouth as a seed, it goes into your heart to grow and produce a harvest of blessing. 32 page soft cover booklet. Continue Reading Tiempo De Siembra Y Cosecha

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  • Fear : No Longer Afraid


    Do you long to find freedom from fear? God never assumes that we will live without fear, but there are forms of fear such as anxiety that can ultimately lead to panic attacks, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and other things that God does not desire for us. Learn how fear relates to perceived threats to security, significance, and love,and how perception directly affects the degree of fear you experience.

    June Hunt answers tough questions on fear, like:
    *How can I overcome my irrational fear of death?
    *How can I overcome the fear that my children or spouse might die?

    Things like former fear-producing experiences or an emotional overload can cause fear to take hold in your life. What should you do if your fear causes you to avoid any threatening situation?
    *You can face your fear
    *Allow change to happen
    *Resist negative thought patterns
    *Keep your imagination in check and don’t let it run away
    *Believe that God has control
    *Counter your fears with facts

    Discover how to move from fear to faith,from panic to peace,through a deepened understanding of the love and power of Christ in your life. Jesus can set you free as you turn to Him for strength and help in each and every fearful situation. Discover that when you acknowledge you are weak and inadequate, God’s strength and adequacy can prevail within you! Continue Reading Fear : No Longer Afraid

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  • Self Worth : Discover Your God Given Worth


    Invisible. Insignificant. Deep down, have you always felt this way but never understood why? Generally, negative self-perceptions develop as a result of being treated in ways that cause us to feel devalued by significant people in our lives. Therefore the true solution to low self-worth is to apply the healing balm of truth to the wound in your soul in order that your mind will be transformed and your life changed.

    If you look anywhere other than to God,the God who created you with a purpose and a plan,your view of your own value is in grave danger of being distorted. Before you were ever born, God established your real worth by knowing you, by choosing you, and ultimately by dying for you! In the Characteristics section of Self-Worth, June Hunt defines:
    *What low self-worth looks like
    *What can sabotage true spiritual growth
    *The impact of having rejecting parents
    *How rejection from others can rule you
    *Why comparing yourself to others is costly

    In the section titled, Steps to Solution, June Hunt gives you practical advice on:
    *Getting rid of your guilt
    *How to resist being a prisoner of poor parenting
    *How to have a heart of forgiveness
    *7 steps to self-acceptance
    *How to answer 7 self-defeating statements
    *And much more

    Learn to leave behind feelings of worthlessness, and experience your true worth,the worth you have in the eyes of your heavenly Father. Continue Reading Self Worth : Discover Your God Given Worth

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  • Depression : Walking From Darkness Into The Dawn


    Do you feel the darkness of depression closing in on you? Can anything dispel the darkness and bring back true peace and contentment to your heart? The answer is yes! You can exchange the darkness of despair for the light of hope. Your depression can draw you closer to the Lord, so let Him lead you through the storm into the light. Continue Reading Depression : Walking From Darkness Into The Dawn

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  • Verbal And Emotional Abuse


    Abuse inflicts immense pain and impedes emotional growth. We have all been wounded by hurtful words and actions of others that we often carrying with us for a lifetime; however, it is possible to stop the pain of abuse! Learn biblical truths and practical how to’s for stopping the pain of abuse and restoring peace in all your relationships. Continue Reading Verbal And Emotional Abuse

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  • Gods Creative Power Will Work For You


    This best selling minibook, in English, Charles Capps shows how you can learn to release the ability of God by the words of your mouth. Includes scriptures and confessions to follow for several subjects and circumstances. Fear-filled words will defeat you, but faith-filled words will put you over! Over 3 million copies of this booklet are in print. People use this booklet to make their daily ‘Word’ confessions. Many people buy dozens of these gems and give them away, producing some great miracles in people’s lives. Continue Reading Gods Creative Power Will Work For You

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  • Gods Creative Power For Healing



    God’s Creative Power Will Work for You, by Charles Capps, first published in 1976, has sold more than 2.3 million copies! The lives of Christians around the world have been revolutionized by the powerful principles of confessing God’s Word found within its pages.

    Now God’s Creative Power for Healing is here to follow in its footsteps.

    This powerful book combines all new teaching with scripture confessions for heating. You will learn how you can release the ability of God for your healing by the words of your mouth!

    Faith-filled words will put you over – God’s Creative Power for Healing will work for you! Continue Reading Gods Creative Power For Healing

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