Faith Hope And Love Petite Floral Mug Set


The Faith Hope and Love Petite Floral Mug Set, illustrated with dainty floral designs, represents three key Christian virtues. Each sip from these elegantly crafted mugs offers warmth and a gentle reminder of the spiritual values that guide your interactions with yourself, God, and others.

Each mug in the 4-piece set features a unique floral design.

Pink flowers and tan grasses encircle the base of the first mug. The soft, creamy white exterior is contrasted with a glossy pink rim and interior. The sentiment is screen-printed in pink block letters on the front of the mug.


The second mug has a creamy white exterior trimmed with blue and tan flowers. Nestled among the foliage are charming bluebirds and delicate butterflies. The sentiment is screen-printed in blue block letters that coronate with the glossy navy blue interior and rim.


The interior of the third mug is coated in a soft green glossy glaze, which harmonizes with the hidden birds peeking out from the blue and tan grass design at the mug’s base. The sentiment is presented in green screen-printed in block letters on the mug’s front.


Slip-dotting is applied to the rims to add an interesting tactile experience to the otherwise smooth ceramic mugs. Each mug in the 3-piece set holds 12 fluid ounces and is microwave and dishwasher-safe. They are elegantly presented in a green cardboard gift box with a floral pattern that mirrors the mugs’ design and a transparent acetate lid.

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SKU: 1220000370654

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