Blessed Blue Peacock Ceramic Jeremiah 17:7


Celebrate and pay tribute to the extraordinary life of a beloved matriarch by gifting her the exquisite Blessed Blue Peacock Ceramic Coffee Mug on her special day. This heartfelt gesture honors her remarkable legacy and serves as a token of appreciation for her enduring impact.

Inspired by the beauty of nature, the delicate ceramic mug showcases a remarkable blue peacock and floral design on the front. The meticulous combination of metallic gold flourishes, enchanting peacock, and delicate flowers creates an ambiance reminiscent of a secret garden. Delightfully hidden within this captivating scene is a gold key that adds an intriguing touch to the overall design. The sentiment is gracefully presented on the back of the mug in a flowing gold-foiled text.

Jeremiah 17:7

Enhancing its charm, the curvy handle on the side is adorned with metallic gold accents, harmonizing with the overall aesthetic. As a gentle reminder, the Scripture reference is repeated on the creamy-white interior of the mug, just below the golden rim. With a capacity of 14 fluid ounces, this mug is perfect for savoring your favorite hot or cold beverages. To preserve its beautiful metallic gold accents, we recommend handwashing the cup in warm soapy water, ensuring it retains its pristine appearance.

The Blessed Blue Peacock Ceramic Coffee Mug is part of the Blessed Blue Peacock Secret Garden Collection that includes a ceramic mug, a stainless steel travel mug, a faux leather Bible cover, a hardcover journal, a faux leather journal, a glass water bottle, a reusable tote bag, a notebook set, and a gift bag.

Honor a mom or a grandmother for her legacy of humility, self-control, respect, and wisdom when you give the Blessed Blue Peacock Ceramic Coffee Mug. This heartfelt gesture is perfect for birthdays, Mother’s Day, or any occasion that calls for celebrating their remarkable qualities.

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SKU: 1220000323001

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Manufacturer: Christian Art Gifts


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