Wurmbrand : Tortured For Christ: The Complete Story


On February 29, 1948, Richard Wurmbrand was arrested by the secret police. His crime? Leading Christian worship and witnessing – both of which were illegal under Romania’s atheistic Communist regime. Because of Richard’s faithfulness to Christ, he endured 14 years of prison and torture, while his wife, Sabina, suffered three years in a labor camp.

In spite of these hardships, Richard and Sabina had an unshakeable faith in Christ. Wurmbrand explores the inspiring lives of Richard and Sabina urmbrand, combining their complete stories into a single volume for the first time. Your faith will be inspired as you go deep inside the darkest prison cells to see how the light of Christ continues to shine from the hearts of those totally committed to Him.


SKU (ISBN): 9780882641232
ISBN10: 0882641239
Voice Of The Martyrs
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: November 2020
Publisher: Voice of the Martyrs Books


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