Tribu – (Spanish)


Two thousand years later , the call to follow Christ has been repackaged to be soft, proof of problems, full of opportunities and promises, but without risk, passion or sacrifice. Is this why Jesus died? If He chose the way of the cross, where would He hesitate to take us? Is it possible that following Jesus is choosing the path of the barbarian?

Jesus never made a pristine call to a proper and safe religion. Jesus draws his followers to a path far from being an easy route. It is a road full of adventure, uncertainty, and unlimited possibilities. The only way you can realize the deepest longings and desires of your heart.
This is the path of the barbarian: give your heart to the One who can make you fully alive. Love it with intensity and simplicity. Unleash the wild faith that you carry inside. To be consumed by the presence of a passionate and compassionate God. Go where He sends you, no matter what the cost.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781641231527
ISBN10: 1641231521
Language: Spanish
Erwin McManus
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: September 2018
Publisher: Whitaker House Publishers


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