Stop Taking Sides


How to overcome division and experience the full Christian life by embracing the tensions in the Bible.

Love and wrath. Sovereignty and responsibility. Victory and suffering. Some of the truths we read in the Bible seem to be in opposition to each other. We naturally tend to gravitate towards a side, but when we lose sight of one truth in order to protect the other, we are in danger of becoming proud, creating division, and diminishing our faith.

Taking sides can even lead to ugly arguments and have a damaging effect on the church’s witness to the world.

Adam Mabry shows us where the Bible tells us to be “both/and”, not “either/or”. He encourages us to embrace the tensions in the Bible instead of taking sides, so that we can leave anxiety and outrage behind, and instead enjoy the whole truth of Scripture, experience every element of the Christian life, and be gracious towards our fellow brothers and sisters.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781784984465
ISBN10: 1784984469
Adam Mabry
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: September 2020
Publisher: The Good Book Company


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