Reaching Your Addicted Loved One


As a teenager, Victor Torres was a gang warlord and heroin addict on New York City’s violent streets. Through the ministry of David Wilkerson and Nicky Cruz, Victor had a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ and came to realize that God had a purpose for his life. Victor has spent the last forty-five years helping tens of thousands of young men and women find freedom from drug addiction and gang life. Now, he answers your toughest questions about your addicted loved one. Without pulling punches or promising easy answers, Victor provides wisdom and expertise that can lead you toward success.
Some of the questions Victor addresses are…
-How can I know if my loved one has a substance abuse problem?
-How can I tell the difference between helping and enabling?
-What if my loved one refuses to get help?
-When should I call the police?
-What should we look for in a treatment program?
-What can I expect when my loved one comes out of treatment?
-How do I prepare for relapse?

God did not create your loved one to be an addict or a loser. On the contrary, God created him or her for a better life. Although, for the moment, it may seem like you are losing your loved one, they still have a God-given destiny and a purpose. No matter how bad the picture may look now, there is always hope.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781641231008
ISBN10: 1641231009
Victor Torres
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: January 2019
Publisher: Whitaker House Publishers


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