Prayers From The Bible FaithBuilders


The Prayers from the Bible FaithBuilders(TM) is the perfect tool for anyone seeking comfort and inspiration through prayer. With 20 beautifully designed cards featuring 5 powerful prayers from the Bible, this pack is an essential addition to any devotional collection.

Each card in the pack boasts a serene nature theme that evokes a sense of calm and tranquility. The flip-open card pouch features soft grasses with a lighthouse in the background, while the bold blue letters of the title make it stand out.

Prayers From The Bible

The prayers captured on these cards are carefully chosen to meet universal needs such as blessing, peace, wisdom, and protection. With 5 repeats of 4 designs, you can share these powerful prayers with anyone, anywhere.

What’s more, the blank space on the back of each card allows you to personalize them with your name or a short message. These small and portable cards make them the perfect addition to your pocket, purse, or backpack.

There are so many unique ways to use these cards. Hand them out to strangers you meet at the park, tuck them into lunchboxes, or even add them to a Bible you give as a gift. The cards from the Prayers from the Bible FaithBuilders(TM) set are a fantastic way to enrich your prayer life and guide others in theirs.

*Soft nature images
*Blue text
*Prayers from the Bible
*Full-color printed cards
*20 cards per set
*5 repeats of 4 designs
*Packaged in a plastic sleeve
*Set size: 4″ x 2.7″ x 0.4″ (102 x 69 x 10 mm)


SKU: 1220000322172
Compiled by: Christian Art Gifts
Binding: Other
Published: August 2023
Publisher: Christian Art Gifts


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