Majoring In Motherhood


Moms of little ones…here is the joy, humor, and rock-solid encouraging truth you need.

Ready for your motherhood crash course? You’ll laugh, cry, and rejoice in God as you learn about:

*Math: Exponential Laundry, Divided Sleep, Multiplied Love
*Physics: Laws and Limits under an Infinite God
*Language Skills: Toddler-ese and the Vocabulary of Sacrifice
*Health and Hygiene: Lost Vitamins, Eye-Logs, and the Mirror of Motherhood
*Phys Ed: Maternal Olympics, Hitting Our Limits, Finding True Strength
*Fashion: The Mom Uniform, Faulty Fig Leaves, the Better Covering of Christ
*Chemistry: Becoming the Nucleus, Fighting Entropy, Searching for Lasting Peace
*Philosophy: The Endless Why of Toddlers and the Great Why of Motherhood

Join Emily, a Christian mom of six, as she shares her heart, her life, and the vital, Christ-centered lessons she has learned along the way.


SKU (ISBN): 9781949253481
ISBN10: 1949253481
Emily Schuch
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: April 2024
Publisher: Cruciform Press

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