Hebrew Versus Greek


What do you get when you cross classical Hebrew with Koine Greek? It may sound like the metaphor for a strange new animal, but what it creates is a fascinating dive into the Bible that’s rarely, if ever, been attempted before in a devotional study.

In Hebrew versus Greek: A Devotional Study of Scripture Through Two Lenses, Hebrew scholar Chaim Bentorah and Greek scholar Chris Palmer explore fifty concepts from the Septuagint (LXX) and explain the subtle nuances found in Hebrew and Greek.

You will discover how:

*Bringing our traumas to speech through prayer can help heal our souls
*Trusting in God binds us to His divine power
*Affliction invites us to walk intimately with the Lord
*Saying, “There is no God” is like walking through fog
*The promise of “long life” can be understood even though people often die young

Used by the early church, the Septuagint is the oldest translation of the Old Testament into another language: from Hebrew to Greek. It’s considered to be the most important translation of the Bible.

Palmer says, “The Septuagint is underappreciated and underused in theological pursuits, especially in working with the biblical languages. This book breaks ground in that it uses the Septuagint for something as simple as a devotional Bible study.”

Bentorah adds, “This offers a whole new dimension to our understanding of the Old Testament and the importance of using the Greek Septuagint to explain some difficult passages.”

Hebrew versus Greek will draw you nearer to the original text through simple devotional lessons that explore the rich meanings found in these ancient languages.


SKU (ISBN): 9798887690827
Chaim Bentorah | Chris Palmer
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: March 2024
Publisher: Whitaker House Publishers


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