Healing Prayer : God s Idea For Restoring Body, Mind, And Spirit


Surprised by Healing

What if you never expected miraculous healing was possible but were surprised when it actually happened, or by the way in which it happened? And what if you found out that, all along, the Bible had principles for healing prayer that we could apply to our lives for restoring spirit, mind, and body?

Join authors Maxie Dunnam and David Chotka in their unexpected journeys of discovery that healing prayer is God’s idea, not a human concept, and that He invites us to intercede for healing in our own lives and on behalf of others. Prayer, including healing prayer, is one of the greatest activities in which Christians can participate with God to fulfill His purposes. God wants us to pray as an integral part of our relationship with Him and as a vital aspect of our life of faith.

This intriguing book covers such topics as:

*Healing prayer: what does the Bible say?
*Medicine, miracle, and mystery: how they interrelate
*Why and how we pray for healing
*The role of compassion in healing
*Christ’s forgiving and healing presence within us
*How to prepare yourself for prayer
*Eight ways healing prayer is misunderstood

Healing Prayer includes accounts of God’s power to heal today, and it provides guidance for how to organize a prayer team in your small group, church, or denomination.

Above all, this book shows that it is God who initiates healing prayer. Our part is to respond to His instructions and leading as we pray. All He asks is our openness to Him. Read this book and you, too, may be surprised by the power of Healing Prayer.


SKU (ISBN): 9798887690629
David Chotka | Maxie Dunnam
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: November 2023
Publisher: Whitaker House Publishers


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