Grace Faith Love Secret Garden Butterfly Magnet Set


Transform your workspace with the Grace, Faith, Love Secret Garden Butterfly Magnet Set, infusing it with beauty and inspiration that resonates with everyone around you.

The 3-piece magnet set harmonizes a vibrant color scheme and captivating butterfly theme. Each magnet has a square design that showcases a different butterfly, creating a gorgeous collection that will enchant your senses.

The first magnet showcases a mesmerizing blend of mottled orange hues, embellished with antique roses and golden filigrees. A cream and brown Zebra Butterfly, crowned with a small regal crown, graces the magnet. The sentiment is elegantly displayed in large, gold-foiled letters beneath the butterfly, further accentuating its beauty.


The second magnet boasts a vibrant teal background adorned with red and yellow roses, serving as a striking backdrop for the fluttering Eastern Tiger Butterfly. A delicate crown positioned above the butterfly’s head is harmoniously balanced by the sentiment that is presented below it in bold gold-foiled letters.


The final magnet in the set features a Common Blue Butterfly set against a vivid pink backdrop. Soft white flowers delicately accent the design, enhancing its charm. The sentiment is artistically rendered in large, gold-foiled capital letters, perfectly complementing the overall composition.


These square magnets are equipped with a strong magnetic backing, capable of securely holding photos or notes on any metallic surface, be it your refrigerator panel, locker, or any other suitable space. Additionally, they are neatly packaged on a backing board for convenient storage or gifting.

The Grace, Faith, Love Secret Garden Butterfly Magnet Set complements the matching coaster set and notebook set that coordinate with many of the Secret Garden Collections.


SKU: 1220000322912

Color: Full Color
Manufacturer: Christian Art Gifts


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