Dignity Revolution : Reclaiming Gods Rich Vision For Humanity


Introduction: A Person’s A Person
1. With Glory And Honor
2. Losing Our Humanity
3. Dignity Rediscovered
4. Race And The Nations
5. The Start Of Life
6. Justice, Prisons, And Immigration
7. Death, Disease, And Healthcare
8. Work And Poverty
9. Identity, Sexuality, And Marriage
10. Technology And Our Digital Age
11. Religious Liberty
12. Politics
Outro: Learning From The Zong-What Will Be Our Legacy?

Additional Info
As Christians, we want to make a difference in this world. We want to have an impact not only on our immediate family and community, but on wider social issues. We want to protect the vulnerable and engage with the issues that really matter. But how?

This book shoes us how wonderful, liberating and empowering it is to be made in God’s image – and how this changes how we see ourselves and all other humans, and how we treat them and advocate for them.

Some will feel the call to run for office… others will roll up their sleeves and join the good work of non-profit ministry… and others might simply find little ways to incorporate this vision of human dignity into their everyday lives, and change their community one word, one action, one person at a time.

Each one of us can be, and are called to be, part of this new movement-a human dignity revolution that our societies need, and that we-you-are uniquely placed as Christians to be join.

This compelling book shows you how to join the dignity revolution.


SKU (ISBN): 9781784982836
ISBN10: 1784982830
Daniel Darling
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: September 2018
Publisher: The Good Book Company


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