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Daily Bible


Want to read the Bible in one year? You can accomplish your goal and experience the Bible like never before.

Reading through Scripture has never been easier. That’s because The Daily Bible(R) reorganizes the traditional arrangement of the 66 books in Scripture and places all the text in chronological order. And it’s now available in the popular New Living Translation!

*Uses the texts of the New Living Translation
*Divided into 365 easily readable sections
*Organized chronologically
*Includes a one-year Bible reading plan
*Introductory devotionals for each day’s reading
*Provides clear historical context and a better understanding of Scripture
*Proverbs and Ecclesiastes are organized by topic
*Each psalm is presented thematically
*Harmonized Gospels integrate the life of Christ into one narrative
*A chronology of all the major Biblical events

The Daily Bible(R) is designed to be read from cover to cover-and understood!

SKU (ISBN): 9780736976145
Translation: New Living
Language: English
Color: Full Color
Binding: Cloth
Published: 2019
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers


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