Chosen Presents A Blended Harmony Of The Gospels


Four Gospels. One Jesus.Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John: The different details, timelines, and emphases of each Gospel can make it difficult to picture the whole narrative. And The Chosen TV series acknowledges its own timeline for the unique purposes of the show. That’s why we’ve created The Chosen Presents: A Blended Harmony of the Gospels. We want you to see the factual accounts in one chronological story. You’ll experience:-       the story of Jesus in one seamless narrative,-       section divisions for forty daily readings,-       a preface by Dallas and Amanda Jenkins, and-       an index detailing the Scripture references of each passage.Immerse yourself in the greatest story ever told.


SKU (ISBN): 9781424564903
Translation: Other
Language: English
Color: Black
Binding: Duo-Tone
Published: 2022
Publisher: Broadstreet Publishing Group, LLC



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