Bubbles Smile God Loves You Pack Of 12


Our Bubbles pack is the perfect way to add some fun to any outdoor activity! With 12 bottles of bubbles, each containing 2 ounces of solution, there’s plenty of bubbly entertainment to go around.

The pack features bottles in four vibrant colors: green, pink, yellow, and orange. This colorful assortment is sure to catch the eye and bring a smile to anyone’s face. The bubbles are easy to use and come with a sturdy wand that produces a steady stream of bubbles when dipped in the solution.

The pack comes with a convenient display box, making it easy to store and transport the bubbles. This is especially helpful if you’re planning a party or event and need to keep everything organized. The box also makes for a great presentation, making the pack an ideal gift for kids of all ages.
Kids will love chasing after the bubbles, trying to catch them before they pop. It’s a classic outdoor activity that never goes out of style! It makes a great choice for anyone looking to add some fun to outdoor playtime. With 12 bottles and four different colors to choose from, it’s perfect for parties, playdates, or just a fun day outside with the family.

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SKU (UPC): 788200525478

Color: Full Color
Manufacturer: Swanson Christian Products


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