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Adventure Fiction

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  • Big Sister Babysitter 1 (Reprinted)


    There are only three things that I know for sure:

    1) I trust God’s plans for me

    2) I want to be a famous singer and dancer

    3) Everything I have ever known is about to change

    An exuberant fourth grader, Lake Ashley Payton (also known as LA) lives with her blended family on a beautiful and peaceful island in Washington State. Like many girls LA’s age, she dreams of becoming a famous singer and dancer. One day her mother informs her that she is going to have a baby, and LA is semi okay as long as her new sibling is a girl. This life changing news rattles her world and she fears she will no longer get attention or be loved. When LA discovers the baby is a boy, she thinks it is unfair and uses her video recorder to make a video diary while turning to her Bible to help her through the emotional struggles. She becomes curious and learns the process of a baby’s development through educational books. When her new baby brother arrives six weeks early and is admitted to the NICU, she realizes that she wants to become a doctors or nurse because they are hero’s to admire. LA forms a strong loving bond that she never expected and she is a proud big sister. Continue Reading Big Sister Babysitter 1 (Reprinted)

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  • Call Me Lizzy


    In 1966, ten year old Lizzy is living a double life. During summer and Christmas vacations, she is under the care of her father’s parents in Indiana. They take her to the American Legion Post to socialize with their older friends. During the school months, she lives in Tennessee with her mother’s parents who are very religious. Lizzy has never been to church, much less one like her grandparents where women wear long dresses, black stockings, and lace-up shoes. In Tennessee, she wears her hair long. In Indiana, she gets it cut. In Tennessee, she has many relatives. In Indiana, she’s an only child. In both places, she’s reminded of how much she misses her parents who have left her to pursue their own interests. How does Lizzy cope with these changes and thrive in both environments? Will she ever see her parents again? Call Me Lizzy will inspire children, parents, and grandparents everywhere to never give up believing God answers prayer. Continue Reading Call Me Lizzy

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  • Mr Pipes Comes To America (Revised)


    In this third novel of the Mr. Pipes series, Annie and Drew continue their adventures when Mr. Pipes decides to visit them for Christmas. As they learn about great hymn writers and poets from American history, they get trapped in a snowstorm that threatens their holiday plans. Continue Reading Mr Pipes Comes To America (Revised)

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  • Adventures Of Sherwood Hound And Mr Waddles


    The Adventures of Sherwood Hound and Mr. Waddles is an energetic mystery novel that is as lighthearted as it is suspenseful. This fiction novel follows the case of the missing Tonya Terrier. The dynamic detective duo of Sherwood Hound (dog) and Mr. Waddles (duck) are hot on the trail of tracking down the missing canine, but often seem to be just a step behind in their pursuit.

    The camaraderie between Sherwood Hound and Mr. Waddles is endearing and humorous, as the opposite personalities of the two make for several playful exchanges throughout the book. The younger readers will enjoy the twist on some of today’s pop culture while the older readers will enjoy a play on some of the shows of yester-year. Continue Reading Adventures Of Sherwood Hound And Mr Waddles

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  • Light In The Lions Den


    When they step into the Imagination Station, kids experience an unforgettable journey filled with action-packed adventure. With each book, readers are whisked away with cousins Patrick and Beth to embark on a new journey around the world and back in time.

    This easy-to-read adventure is number 19 in the successful series that has now sold over 500,000 books. The Imagination Station has been acting wonky for several adventures now, handing out the wrong gifts and traveling unexpected paths. Patrick and Beth must call upon their courage, strength, and resilience in order to help others and survive real dangers that threaten them as they travel through time and space to encounter the prophet Daniel and the deadly lions’ den. Continue Reading Light In The Lions Den

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  • Revenge Of The Red Knight


    In this Imagination Station adventure Patrick and Beth find themselves as guests in a beautiful castle in 15th century England. Through a series of events, the steward of Lord Darkthorn’s castle finds the cousins with three artifacts collected in their previous adventures: the stone, the cup, and the golden tablet. They are accused of being thieves and locked in jail. Beth escapes and discovers the identity of the real thief, leading to a jousting contest with a surprising outcome.

    Set during the War of the Roses in England, Revenge of the Red Knight will teach readers about the Crusades, the integrity of knights and the vows they took, and why men would choose to risk their lives to fight for Christianity. Continue Reading Revenge Of The Red Knight

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  • Attack At The Arena


    The second book in the new Imagination Station adventure series for early readers transports kids back to ancient Rome.
    Continue Reading Attack At The Arena

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  • Leo Inventor Extraordinaire


    A school for incredibly gifted orphans. A genius kid inventor. A subterranean maze. And a mechanical monkey. What could go wrong?

    A lifer at the secluded Academy of Florence, Leo has never met his parents … or anyone in his family for that matter. He spends most of his time tinkering with inventions that never work (or work disastrously) and making trouble with his infinitely more charming friend and fellow lifer, Savvy. After Leo’s latest experiment goes catastrophically wrong, he discovers a series of secret passages beneath the school that can only be unlocked by the sharpest of wits and a little help from Leo’s school lessons.

    Leo hopes the network of tunnels will lead him to the academy’s infamous archives where he hopes to discover the identities of his parents and the reason he’s an orphan in the first place. Instead, he finds that his past and possibly even his future is somehow linked to the innovative Wynn Toys company, whose genius president died mysteriously years before.

    Leo must use his skills as an inventor to revive the toy company, oust its dastardly leader, and discover the fate of his real family. Continue Reading Leo Inventor Extraordinaire

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  • Berenstain Bears And A Job Well Done


    It’s spring cleaning time at the Bear family’s tree house. Brother, Sister, and Honey are assigned the task of cleaning out their old playhouse. But it’s a beautiful spring day and tBrother and Sister are easily distracted. They learn the importance of sticking to a job and getting it well and truly done. Continue Reading Berenstain Bears And A Job Well Done

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  • Voyage With The Vikings


    The first in the new Imagination Station historical fiction series for early readers takes kids on an adventure to Greenland in the year 1000.
    Continue Reading Voyage With The Vikings

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  • Summer To Grow On


    The Great Depression forced thousands out of work and families struggled to pay their bills and keep food on the table. However, in the midst of these challenging days neighbors were close, friends could be counted on, and familiew were stronger than ever. Children were taught moral values and churches and schools were the social centers of communities. Written and beautifully illustrated by the author, the book focuses on young Marie’s summer before she must attend a new city school.
    Continue Reading Summer To Grow On

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  • Eyes Of The King


    Cherokee heritage runs deep in 12 year old Melody America Martin, but artistic ability is ridiculed before a mysterious painting emerges. Pre-teens to adults will enjoy this charming story; may also accompany study of American Indian culture or missions.
    Continue Reading Eyes Of The King

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  • Apocrypha


    Author T.S. Ferguson takes the reader on a journey to the cradle of life to explore the true origins of the two major modern day religions.

    Come along with surveyors Scott, Samuel, and Julia as they follow clues and meet a cast of helpful and unforgettable characters in an attempt to solve an ancient riddle. Along the way they encounter unexpected danger and narrowly escape capture by a faceless enemy. Continue Reading Apocrypha

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  • Earlihee The Turtle


    A fun-loving story about the adventures of a turtle named Earlihee. Targeted at younger readers, this book will amuse young and old alike. Full of whimsical characters and lots of adventure, ‘Earlihee’ is a book you’ll have a tough time putting down. Continue Reading Earlihee The Turtle

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  • Apostle


    The Apostle will make you a believer! It will also have you wanting your own Harley. Its all here-murder, mystery, covert operations, intrigue and unforgettable characters of good and evil.
    Continue Reading Apostle

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  • Peters Prayer


    All the adventure and intrigue of ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ but with a spiritual dynamic sure to hold your attention to the very last pagea tale of lost scrolls with messages to change the modern world.

    Clip Tarence, 18 years old, takes on the adventure of a life-time to help retrieve ancient hidden scrolls that record prayers of the Apostles meant for the modern world. Clip and the team encounter ruthless church leaders, murderous men with selfish ambitions. Along the way events occur that will build charcter and deepen faith. Continue Reading Peters Prayer

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  • Terra Nova : Settling The Red Planet


    If you think space travel to Mars is just dream, think again! Thelma Ritchie makes those dreams come alive and takes you on the adventure of a lifetime! Continue Reading Terra Nova : Settling The Red Planet

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  • Way


    An exciting, fast-paced, intriguing adventure novel featuring a demonic dictator imprisoning Christians in a foreign land; and the team sent in to free them. Continue Reading Way

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  • 2nd Book Of Funtastic Adventures


    The Second Book of Funtastic Adventures By Pop Pop (Alias David Walters) The first book has eleven different crazy adventure stories about David’s two grandsons as junior Jedi Knights. This new second book is one story, but has many episodes following our young heroes as they fulfill their mission; which is to rescue their dad, mom and little sister who have been kidnapped by aliens! Zion travels in the Galaxy Universe with Moses, the robot space pilot, looking for mom and dad. Judah travels with Tinker-Bell in the Fantasy Universe looking for his sister Inisfree. They finally join up together to finished their mission. Destined to be even funnier than the first book, The Second Book of Funtastic Adventures is one wild and hilarious ride through the galaxies with returning friends and characters! But, don’t purchase the second book without having read the first book, otherwise it will not make much sense. Continue Reading 2nd Book Of Funtastic Adventures

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  • Beginning


    The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series follows siblings Peter and Mary and their dog, Hank, as they discover ancient scrolls that transport them back to key moments in biblical history.In the first adventure in the series, Peter and Mary find themselves witnesses to the creation of the world just as God is speaking it into existence. Can they unlock the mystery of the scrolls before they get trapped in history forever? Children will discover the answer as the two characters ride rhinos, meet the angel Michael, and talk to a certain snake in the Garden of Eden. Riveting text and engaging illustrations bring this beloved Bible story to riotous life. Continue Reading Beginning

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