Journey To Jericho


The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series follows siblings Peter and Mary and their dog, Hank, as they discover ancient scrolls that transport them back to key moments in biblical history. In this fourth adventure, the time-traveling trio journeys to an ancient desert and finds the Israelites preparing to enter the Promised Land. With limited time to solve the secret of the scroll, Peter and Mary race across dry land as the Jordan River parts for the Ark of the Covenants; help Joshua by sneaking Rahab to safety; and ultimately face the scheming king of Jericho as the walls of the city begin to crumble. Fans of the series will love this whirlwind adventure that brings the Bible to life.


SKU (ISBN): 9780824956929
M. J. Thomas
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2018
Secret Of The Hidden Scrolls # 4
Publisher: Ideals Books



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