There is a world unknown to your kind, another dimension of your planet, called Zeva or land of protectors. The beings are human as you and I, but they carry an ability to transformation that transcends human behavior. Each transformation is unique from one another, distinguished through the character and purity of their hearts. Zevians believe that their transformations are fueled through adrenaline and rage. So, from birth, Zevian parents naturally train their children to operate vindictively during battle. While they believe this will cause transformation into a more powerful creature, it’s also believed that without this dominance, they would not be able to protect Earth as they were created to do.

One man thought different. The training given his son conflicted with other Zevian parents. He believed that a blissful heart would create a species never before seen in their world. Soon, he would know the outcome of this lifelong teaching and discipline. Time was short, for his son was knocking on the door of his seventeenth birthday, the age at which all Zevians undergo metamorphosis for the very first time. The Morphing Ceremony- or simply Ceremony- is a time of great honor and it was quickly approaching. All of the Zeva would soon know the result of his father’s teaching, for it was his time to learn what he was to become.


SKU (ISBN): 9781943127375
Tesha Finley
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2016
Publisher: Emerge Publishing LLC


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