Virtual Realities : 15 Stories Son Responsibility, Recognizing Deception An (Aud


Oh no! Dr. Regis Blackgaard is back…in the Imagination Station no less! Is anyone in Odyssey safe from his latest scheme? Come along on the adventure and experience the best birthday ever…that never ends! Join in the biggest mud fight Odyssey has ever seen and hear how the adults are planning a year of NO FUN! Along the way, learn the lessons about being honest, using time and resources wisely and helping others.

* Another Man’s Shoes – Understanding others
* Opening Day – God’s leading
* Blackgaard’s Revenge I & II – Recognizing deception
* The Buck Starts Here – Using resources wisely
* Something Cliqued Between Us – Including others
* The Eternal Birthday – Too much of a good thing
* Bethany’s Imaginary Friend – Imagination is healthy
* The Y.A.K. Problem – Worry
* Blind Girl’s Bluff
* Where There’s Smoke
* The Virtual Kid
* You Win Some, You Lose Some
* The Treasure Room
* Chain Reaction


SKU (ISBN): 9781561798476
Marshal Younger | Dave Arnold
Binding: Audio CD
Published: 2008
Adventures In Odyssey # 33
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers


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