Tyre The Invincible


This book will astonish you as you embark on an amazing journey of discovery about one of the greatest cities of ancient times. Tyre is referred to seventy times in the Bible and more than seven chapters of the Bible are dedicated to Tyre. Why is this place so significant?
It was once called the most beautiful city in the world and claimed to be the richest of all nations. Even though it was less than one square mile in size, it was one of the great leaders of trade and commerce for thousands of years. Known as a maritime leader, Tyre was home to masters of sailing, famous shipbuilders, and shrewd merchants. Tyre’s vast trade and commerce reached every corner of the ancient world. Yet a city that had played such an important role in history for more than 3000 years left behind few traces of its splendor.
What is God saying about this former financial capital of the world, and why is it relevant for every believer today? Tyre: the Invincible contains details and events surrounding Tyre and its relevance in world history and the Bible that will satisfy the serious students of the Bible.


SKU (ISBN): 9781936314751
Kerry Cranmer
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: 2012
Publisher: Word and Spirit Resources, LLC


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