Twists And Turns (Audio CD)


1. I Want My B-TV!
2. The Truth About Zachary
3. The Good, The Bad And Butch
4. Share And Share Alike
5. All The Difference In The World
6. St. Paul: The Man From Tarsus
7. St. Paul: Set Apart By God
8. A Victim Of Circumstance
9. A Perfect Witness
4 CDs

Additional Info
Life can be a bit like a roller coaster – you just never know what’s around the next bend! The folks in Odyssey, young and old alike, are learning some very important things lately: begin responsible for yourself, accepting and understanding others, and being a friend even when it isn’t easy. Whether it’s a peak, a valley or a hairpin curve, you’re guaranteed a fun-filled, action-packed ride with the gang from Odyssey!
* The Truth about Zachary – Lucy has one of her toughest reporting assignments when she tries to interview the new boy at school – and is met with a very sour response.
* Preacher’s Kid – Donna finds herself under the microscope as the pastor’s daughter and sets out to prove she’s still one of the gang with defiance and determination.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781561793822
ISBN10: 1561793825
Focus On The Family
Binding: Audio CD
Published: August 2000
Adventures In Odyssey # 23
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers



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