Treasure That Lasts


We are surrounded by the temptation to glorify ourselves. We post carefully curated selfies on Instagram, chase money and pleasure, and live the image is everything lifestyle. We’ve created a culture of envy, emptiness, and depression. Even the church has bought into worldly values of wealth and status. God put us on this earth not to seek our own glory but to shine the light of his glory on a dying world.

Through the life of Moses, pastor and author Michael Youssef shows us how to store up treasure that lasts by living for God’s glory. Moses turned his back on privilege, pleasure, and power to invest in treasure that lasts–the treasure of God’s glory. His goal must be our goal as well.

Experience the rich life God intended for you. If you’re not sure you’ve truly surrendered your whole life to God, let Treasure That Lasts be the flame that lights the way to reliance on him.

This book includes a chapter-by-chapter guide for group discussion or individual study.


Contributors: Michael Youssef
Binding: Trade Paper
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group


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