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Textbook Edition Bible


For reading or study, this sturdy textbook edition is created for lasting understanding This NIV Holy Bible, Textbook Edition has all the features students need to explore the riches of God’s Word. Designed with the help of Christian educators, it offers many study helps and includes the full text of the New International Version of the Bible. Full-color maps and colorful inserts, created with students in mind, help you glean important information for understanding what you’re reading. Features include: * Book introductions and outlines give an overview of each book of the Bible * 35,000-entry concordance helps you find key verses quickly and easily * 16-page full-color maps section for locating important places * Double-column format * 9-point textbook type * 16-page full-color front inserts offer further understanding of the Scriptures, including: 1. Timeline of Captivity and Return 2. Between the Testaments 3. The Ministry of Jesus 4. Timelines of Old and New Testaments 5. Timeline of kinds and prophets of Israel and Judah 6. Lists of Jesus’ miracles and parables

SKU (ISBN): 9780310435228
Language: English
Color: Full Color
Binding: Cloth
Font size: 9
Published: March 2011
Publisher: Zondervan


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