Serving Without Sinking


1. Introduction
2. Serving Can Be Joyful
3. A Wrong View Of God
4. A Wrong View Of People
5. Served By Christ
6. Friends With The Boss
7. Bride Of The King
8. Sons In The Father’s Business
9. Still Being Served
10. The Gift Of Service
11. Service Is Love
12. Slaves With A Master
13. The Joy Of Serving Jesus

Additional Info
Many of us are serving, and feel like we’re sinking. We feel joyless, weary and burdened.

John Hindley shows how Jesus was telling the truth when He offered people an “easy yoke”-a way of serving Him that is joyful and liberating. He explains why serving is so often joyless-and how our identity in Christ changes everything.

If you are serving, but sometimes feel as though you’re sinking… you need this book!

If you know someone who has burn out, or is heading in that direction…they need this book too.

* Written in a personal, warm, gospel-hearted style.
* Encourages readers to see not only how they serve, but WHY they serve
* Points Christians away from themselves and back to Jesus
* Frees people from the burdens of joyless, duty-based serving


SKU (ISBN): 9781908762351
ISBN10: 1908762357
John Hindley
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: September 2013
Live Different
Publisher: The Good Book Company


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