Secrets Leaders Keep


What Does It Take To Win Big In Business And Life?

In this landmark book, AmyK Hutchens tackles the many issues that leaders face but are afraid to talk about. Through creative character monologues and provocative questions, AmyK masterfully exposes the innermost secrets and fears of today’s leaders. With gripping, dramatic and often hilarious stories, she might make you wonder if she’s writing about you! And yes, she is…sort of.

Having worked closely with numerous leaders as a consultant and confidant, AmyK was privileged to witness the inner obstacles leaders face that can short-circuit success, and she understands how best to overcome them. It is by defining and discussing these secret roadblocks that the solutions become apparent and transformation can happen.

AmyK’s unique story-telling approach reveals secrets that most leaders would not normally share – secrets about their politics, philosophies and perceptions. Secrets about who they are, how they play, why they lead in a certain way, and secrets about what prevents them from leading more effectively.

Each story is a creative amalgamation representing themes and patterns AmyK witnessed while working with executives from hundreds of companies worldwide over the past twenty years.

Underneath the title, the role, or the business jacket of a leader, is a human being struggling to figure it out – a leader with secrets. If you relate to one of these leaders’ struggles, triumphs or perspective, or even think, Hey, this is eerily me, that’s the point. Each story poses questions that as leaders we must ask and answer for ourselves. It is only when we have answered these questions and gained insight and clarity, that our learning can be applied with wisdom. And the world could really use your wisdom!


SKU (ISBN): 9781943127115
AmyK Hutchens
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: 2015
Publisher: Emerge Publishing LLC


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