Search For Whit (Audio CD)


1. BTV: Compassion
2. Letting Go
3. With A Little Help From My Friends
4. The Time Of Our Lives
5. Memories Of Jerry
6. Blessings In Disguise
7. What Are You Gonna Do With Your Life?
8. Blind Justice
9. A Question About Tasha
10. The Search For Whit
4 CDs

Additional Info
While life goes on in odyssey, something’s gone terribly wrong in the Middle East, where Mr. Whittaker’s been working for the past year. Before they know it, Jason and Eugene are caught in a web of international intrigue, complete with major archeological discoveries, kidnappings and double-crossing secret agents! But will they be able to find Whit before the terrorist do?


SKU (ISBN): 9781561795284
ISBN10: 1561795283
Focus On The Family
Binding: Audio CD
Published: August 2000
Adventures In Odyssey # 27
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers


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