Risks And Rewards (Audio CD)


1. Underground Railroad
2. Poetry In Slow Motion
3. Subject Yourself
4. Rewards In Full
5. Top This
6. BTV: Envy
7. A Touch Of Healing
8. Where Is Thy Sting?
9. The Turning Point
Four CD Set

Additional Info
“Take a chance!” “Go for it!” ” You never know unless you try!” Bet you’ve heard those expressions before-and how true they are! As sure as God has a plan for each of us, it’s tough sometimes to see just how everything will fit together. But when we take a step of faith and trust His leading, we may find that what looks risky often yields the greatest rewards. The Odyssey gang has had its share of challenges too, and they’ve made some life-changing discoveries. From a desperate flight for freedom to respecting authority to accepting God’s will, you won’t want to miss a single story!


SKU (ISBN): 9781561794553
Focus On The Family
Binding: Audio CD
Published: 2000
Adventures In Odyssey # 24
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers


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