Relentless : Unleashing A Life Of Purpose, Grit, And Faith


Renowned entertainer, media personality, and popular radio host John Tesh tells the untold story of how his struggles, failures, and greatest disappointments were in fact the secret to his success.After being diagnosed with a terminal cancer in 2015, John Tesh realized that his life’s journey had equipped him to overcome this presumed death sentence. Far from an overnight sensation, Tesh had fought battle after battle his entire life. A homeless outcast living in a tent, he practiced fake news casts that landed him his first job as a newscaster. A cripplingly shy band geek, he spent five years in therapy to overcome stage fright before going on to win six music Emmys. An aspiring performer, he nearly lost his family’s home while self-funding a PBS music special yet is now on over two hundred radio stations six times a week.

In this new book, John combines never-told-before stories from his personal life with some of his favorite life-hack research and knowledge gleaned from various mentors. Writing to his fellow underdogs, John speaks honestly about trying and failing–yet persevering one’s way to personal greatness. Inspiring yet profoundly practical, John Tesh’s new book urges readers to embrace their personal setbacks because they are the ultimate learning opportunities on the road to personal greatness.

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Contributors: John Tesh
Binding: Cloth Text
Publisher: HarperCollins Leadership


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