Prayers To Share 100 Pass Along Notes For Calm In The Chaos


Let’s face it-life is messy. And the messiness looks different to each of us depending on our stage in life: college finals, a new baby, a job or house change, the loss of a loved one, even overextending oneself with service opportunities.

Prayers to Share: 100 Pass-Along Notes for Staying Calm in the Chaos gives you 100 opportunities to encourage people by letting them know that you are asking God to remove the clutter in their lives and replace it with His calming peace.

These tear-out, shareable notes include a quick prayer, encouraging Scripture, and an inspirational quote, along with space on the back to write a personal message.


SKU (ISBN): 9781648703058
UPC: 081983750540
Max Lucado
Binding: Other
Published: April 2022
Publisher: DaySpring



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