Pentecost To The Present Book 1


Contrary to popular belief, miracles did not pass away with the twelve apostles. If anything, the Pentecostal sparks that were lit by them continued to spread throughout the known world.

In this first installment, the reader will learn how Jesus and the apostles established the concept of the Holy Spirit’s abiding presence in the church laying the groundwork for a Christian initiation that included salvation and Spirit baptism. The reader will see how spiritual gifts operated through the twelve apostles as they spread Christianity into the known world. How bold witnesses, supernatural signs, and practical love resulted in massive expansion of the early church despite extreme persecution. How Montanism tried to revive the church from moral decay through strict living and prophetical gifts before it was rejected. How Emperor Constantine I reunited the Roman Empire under a new Christian-friendly regime. How the new state-run churches, overrun with sin, caused many to flee to the wilderness resulting in another intense spiritual revival. How the Middle Ages featured the mass conversion of much of northern Europe through miracle-working missionary monks, followed by a period of great jubilation, mystical faith, and charismatic revivals, and ending with the incredible healing ministry of Vincent Ferrer.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780912106038
ISBN10: 0912106034
Jeff Oliver
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: February 2017
Publisher: Bridge-Logos Publishers


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