Opening Moves


Adventures in Odyssey radio dramas are fast-moving and exciting. But there’s only so much story that can be told in a half-hour episode! In these easy-to-read novels, kids ages 8 to 12 will learn more of the backstory on their favorite characters and events, as well as find themselves in the middle of more adventure and suspense!

In these first two books of The Blackgaard Chronicles, the evil Dr. Blackgaard starts his attack on the town and people of Odyssey. How long will it take for wise Mr. Whittaker to realize what’s happening, and can he respond in time to stop Blackgaard’s nefarious schemes?


SKU (ISBN): 9781589979260
Produced by: Phil Lollar
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: 2017
Blackgaard Chronicles # 1
Publisher: Focus On The Family


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