No Way Out (Audio CD)


6 Hours On 4 CDs

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What if there is no way of escape?

Everybody’s looking for a way out, but it won’t be easy. Whit finds himself trapped in a room with no doors and no windows. How will he break free? Trent has to give an oral report and thinks up every imaginable way to avoid it. How will he ever get out of this one? And then there’s Jimmy Barclay. . .at midnight at a senator’s house surrounded by vicious dogs. Will he choose what’s right before it’s too late? This exciting Adventures in Odyssey collection answers questions about fear, sacrifice and loyalty.

Contents Include:
Living In The Gray 1 And 2 – God’s Unconditional Love
Stubborn Streaks – Admitting You’re Wrong
Called In In Class – Fear
The Girl In The Sink – Being Used By God
Bernard And Saul – Jealousy
Eggshells – Supporting Your Friends
Nothing But The Half Truth – Honesty
Split Ends – Forgiveness, Reconciliation
Something’s Got To Change – Sacrifice
No Way Out/No Way In – Love Casts Out Fear


SKU (ISBN): 9781589972292
ISBN10: 1589972295
Focus On The Family
Binding: Audio CD
Published: October 2004
Adventures In Odyssey # 42
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers



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