Never Settle : Choices, Chain Reactions, And The Way Out Of Lukewarminess


Whatever you do, don’t make Jesus sick. It’s an unforgettable line tucked into the middle of the strangest book of the Bible: I wish you were either hot or cold-not tepid and bland. I can’t stand the taste of lukewarminess. Greg Holder points us to the way out of lukewarminess, helping us see how our little decisions, our everyday habits, and our most basic relationships have incredible potential for world-changing, redemptive impact.

Everybody who’s ever read Revelation can’t forget it: the church in Laodicea, neither hot nor cold, the church that made Jesus want to throw up. What does it mean? We tend to think we should either engage in heated argument, banging our Bibles over the heads of our enemies, or keep it cool, fitting in as much as possible so we don’t embarrass Jesus. Greg Holder shows us how the real call is to soothe the hurt of the people around us, shock them out of their spiritual laziness, and draw them into the enticing and satisfying life of God in Christ. Read this fast-paced book and you’ll find yourself excited to follow Jesus into the arena and fight the good fight of faith.

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Contributors: Greg Holder
Binding: Trade Paper
Publisher: NavPress


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