Moving In Glory Realms


A Blueprint for Revival!
Many believers today yearn for an encounter with the supernatural.
They hunger to experience the glory of God they read about in the Bible.
Joshua Mills believes that all Christians are intended to live, move, and operate within what he calls “glory realms.” Now Joshua opens up God’s glory by explaining the different realms, spheres, and dimensions of the kingdom. He systematically builds a faith framework in which the reader can begin to move into the glory of God with ease, where he or she will form a deepening awareness of the inflow and anointing of His mighty presence. The book is divided into three parts: part one is about moving in the Spirit, which is about understanding the power of faith, anointing, and God’s glory; part two is about moving in the supernatural by accessing the power of God’s glory so that miraculous signs and wonders begin to manifest; and part three is about moving in the heavenlies, dealing with angelic encounters, heavenly experiences, and regularly operating in the miraculous. Throughout the book, Joshua shares many unusual and extraordinary testimonies of God’s glory working through signs and wonders, heavenly experiences, angelic appearances, and other manifestations of the miraculous, Through testimonies he has shared around the world, Joshua will help readers begin to experience God’s glory for themselves.


SKU (ISBN): 9781641230865
Joshua Mills
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2018
Publisher: Whitaker House Publishers


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