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Lo Que Los Exitosos Piensan


Tu puedes ser uno de ellos… Dejame develarte sus secretos. He atendido a miles de personas en los ultimos aos. He tenido el gusto de ver como crecen y aprenden, asi como algunos se detienen y fracasan. Pero he visto patrones iguales en los que tienen exito, para lo que piensan, hacen, buscan y disfrutan. Tu podras ver como las personas exitosas usan una matriz de pensamiento antes de actuar.- Hector Teme

En Lo que piensan los exitosos, el autor te mostrara profundidades desde la cima. Entre muchas cosas mas aprenderas que las personas exitosas:

Ya no piensan en acciones, sino en estrategias.

No piensan en conocerlo todo, sino que viven comprometidos con entender y caminar en el aprendizaje constante.

No piensan desde la circunstancia, sino desde la conviccion.

No piensan desde la solucion de los problemas, sino desde la busqueda de oportunidades para ampliarse en el medio de la duda.

No piensan solamente en como van a accionar o reaccionar a lo que esta pasando, sino en como van a hacer para que lo que este pasando los lleve a la vision extraordinaria.

Los exitosos son antes de hacer, vuelan antes de caminar, hablan antes de pensar.

You can be one of them…. Let me reveal their secrets. I have served thousands of people in the past few years. I have had the pleasure of seeing how they grow and learn, as well as some who stop and fail. But I have seen the same patterns in which they succeed; what they think, do, seek, and enjoy. You will be able to see how successful people use a thinking matrix before acting. -Hector Teme

In What Successful People Think, the author will show you depths from the top. Among many other tips, you will learn that successful people:

Do not think about actions but about strategies.

Do not think about knowing everything but live committed to understanding and walking in continual learning.

Do not think from circumstances but from conviction.

Do not think from the solution of problems but from the search for opportunities to expand in the midst of doubt.

Do not only think about how they are going to act or react to what is happening, but also about how they are going to make what is happening lead them to an extraordinary vision.

Are before they do; fly before they walk; speak before they think.

SKU (ISBN): 9781641236287
English: What Successful People Think
Hector Teme
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2020
Publisher: Whitaker House Publishers


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