Jesus Loves Me (4T (4 years) T-Shirt)


Jesus Loves Me

Kids can share their hearts for the Lord in this sweet Jesus Loves Me Kerusso Kidz T-Shirt in Celadon. As they learn to add and subtract, read and write, and how to make new friends, we have the blessing of teaching children the most important thing they ll ever learn: just how much Jesus loves them!

Remind kids when they rise and when they go to sleep how special they are to Jesus. So important, in fact, that He gave His life for them. Make Jesus loves you a family motto, that your children will know it as they grow, and carry it with them wherever they go. #KerussoKidz #JesusLovesYou #BookOfJohn

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SKU (UPC): 612978578025

Color: Blue
Apparel class: Child
Manufacturer: Kerusso


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