Interior Castle Of Saint Teresa Of Avila


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Journey Inside St. Teresa of Avila’s Interior Castle, with the most unique version of the Interior Castle ever made!

Written in 1577, by Doctor of the Church St. Teresa of Avila, the Interior Castle is a spiritual classic that has stood the test of time. St. Teresa received a vision in which she saw the soul as a beautiful crystal castle, with God at the center, illuminating the castle from within.

St. Teresa describes seven stages of spiritual growth or “mansions”. Her work is full of rich imagery, including the castle itself, water, light and a growing garden in each mansion. These images are used to help us understand the soul’s growth and change as it journeys toward God.

This beautiful primer is a simple introduction for children to some of the concepts and images found in her work. This special book is filled with beautiful illustrations and a lovely rhyming poem from award-winning author and illustrator Chantal

Book measures roughly 7 inches tall and 7 inches wide with thick board book pages in different shapes to create a 3D Castle! There are seven spreads in total, plus the front and back covers.


SKU (ISBN): 9780996469159
ISBN10: 099646915X
Compiled by: Shining Light Dolls
Binding: Boards
Published: April 2024
Publisher: New Day Christian Distributors


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