How To Get A Mommy To Sleep


Written as if from one child to another, this delightful bedtime book from popular author Amy Parker gives kids great ideas for how they can effectively get their moms to finally go to sleep at night.

Getting Mommy to take a rest

Is hard to do–it’s true!

She seems to want to stay up late,

No matter what you do!

Do you have a little one who always seems to have more energy than you do at bedtime? You’ll laugh out loud together at this fun role-reversal bedtime book. Written from a child’s point of view, How to Get a Mommy to Sleep reminds kids to start early when it comes to getting a mommy ready for bed and to always remember to say your prayers before sleep–no matter how long it takes.

After all, it’s hard to get Mommy to bed when she always wants to do one more thing! Enjoy a charming new take on bedtime in this celebration of a mother and child’s day. How to Get a Mommy to Sleep is for any mommy who knows what it’s like to need a laugh or two to stay awake until bedtime.


Contributors: Amy Parker | Natalia Moore
Binding: Cloth Text
Publisher: Thomas Nelson


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