How Do We Live In A Digital World


Use your technology wisely.

Technology plays a prominent role in our lives. Recent developments have created new communities and revolutionized how we obtain information. Many people rely on digital media for work, study, and entertainment. Whether we are comfortable with digital media, it is here to stay. But are you the master, or is it mastering you?

In How Do We Live in a Digital World?, C. Ben Mitchell considers the benefits and burdens of digital media. Technology is not morally neutral; the situation is more complicated. Rather than taking uncritical or consumerist attitudes, Christians need to show discernment. Gain wisdom for how you should live in a digital world.

The Questions for Restless Minds series applies God’s word to today’s issues. Each short book faces tough questions honestly and clearly, so you can think wisely, act with conviction, and become more like Christ.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781683595311
ISBN10: 1683595319
C. Ben Mitchell | Editor: D. A. Carson
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: October 2021
Questions For Restless Minds
Publisher: Lexham Press/Kirkdale Press


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