Generation Distinct : Discover The Wrong You Were Born To Make Right


Generation Distinct is the anthem of a generation, calling you to abolish cultural complacency, unleash lasting justice, and join the wild adventure Jesus invites you to live. Join movement maker Hannah Gronowski as she shares honestly and authentically about how to break free from generational stereotypes and launch into a grand adventure of following Jesus’ world-changing story.

Readers will discover:

*how to own their potential

*how to live out their passion

*how to find the people who will join with them in a movement toward change, and

*how to live distinct, trailblazing a whole new way of living for those who follow after them.

Open up the pages of this book and you won’t find a lecture or a how to guide. Instead, Hannah will walk alongside you, sharing her own stories of searching for adventure and meaning and pointing the way toward the fulfillment and meaning we all long for. If you are ready to live the adventure for which you were born, look no further.

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Contributors: Hannah Gronowski
Binding: Trade Paper
Publisher: NavPress


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