Fruits Of The Spirit (Audio CD)


This thrilling Adventures in Odyssey compilation album is about the fruits of the Spirit. All nine biblical values from Galatians 5 are included. Love, the first and most multifaceted fruit of the Spirit, has four episodes dedicated to it. Then each of the remaining fruits of the Spirit each have their own episode. These are well-loved episodes and great for teaching children life-giving principles in an entertaining way.

Episode List:
*Love: “Greater Love” / “Wooton Knows Best” / “The Amazing Loser” / “The Greatest of These”

*Joy: “Count It All Joy”

*Peace: “Peacemaker”Patience: “Do, for a Change”Kindness: “You’re Two Kind”

*Goodness: “When Bad Isn’t So Good”Faithfulness: “Harlow Doyle, Private Eye”

*Gentleness: “Tuesdays with Wooton”

*Self-Control: “Anger Mismanagement”


SKU (ISBN): 9781646070244
ISBN10: 1646070240
Adventures In Odyssey Team
Binding: Audio CD
Published: August 2021
Adventures In Odyssey
Publisher: Focus On The Family


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