Flights Of Imagination (Audio CD)


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Looking for high-flying entertainment for the entire family? Then journey to Odyssey for these exciting adventures.

* The Mortal Coil – Whit’s plans unravel when his Imagination Station program takes an unexpected twist and puts him face-to-face with eternity.
* Columbus: The Grand Voyage – Lawrence sets his sights and sails for adventure as he joins Columbus in the discovery of the new world.
* The Living Nativity – When vandals destroy the town’s Christmas display, Whit and the kids act on a plan to keep the town tradition alive.
* A Game of Compassion – Eric puts his foot down to keep a secret promise that conflicts with the year’s most important soccer game.
* Treasures of the Heart – A probing question sets Mr. Barclay off on a hunt for his prized childhood books, and the entire family learns a valuable lesson on what’s really important.

Also Includes:
An Adventure in Bethany
Best Intentions
Like Father Like Son
It Is Well
This Is Chad Pearson


SKU (ISBN): 9781561791903
Focus On The Family
Binding: Audio CD
Published: 2000
Adventures In Odyssey # 16
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers


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