Fine Feathered Frenzy (DVD)


What do you get when you cross a runaway lawnmower with a strong-willed parrot and a nail-biting aerial rescue? Fun for the whole family! A garden tool with an appetite for destruction throws young Dylan Taylor headlong into adventure. After mowing down Mrs. Harcourt’s rose garden, he’s forced to pay the consequences-which include “parrotsitting” her beloved Napoleon. But when Whit accidentally lets the bird escape, the chase is on! Can Whit and Dylan recapture Napoleon before Mrs. Harcourt returns home . . . or have they met their waterloo? It’s fun and excitement that shows the importance of taking responsibility for one’s own actions.


SKU (ISBN): 9781589977556
Produced by: Focus On The Family
Binding: Video DVD
Published: March 2013
Adventures In Odyssey Video # 3
Publisher: Focus On The Family


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