Exploring Creation With Physical Science 3rd Edition Text Book


The 3rd edition of Exploring Creation with Physical Science is not only an updated version, but a greatly improved version as well. Starting with the basics of science, students are walked through the processes and branches of science through the use of updated text and images, the use of newly created infographics that breakdown difficult scientific topics, as well as rewritten and redesigned experiments.

Four modules are spent exploring the basics of chemistry, including properties and states of
matter, atomic structure and the periodic table, chemical bonds, and reactions and energy. Six modules are dedicated to physics and include the study of motion, forces, energy, light, and electricity and magnetism. Students finish out their year learning about Earth science.

This 15-module, creation-based science textbook is designed to be completed in 8th grade. It is the perfect complement to the new 14-module, 7th grade, 3rd edition of Exploring Creation with General Science. It also prepares students for the 16-module high school science courses that they will be introduced to in the 9th grade.

With plenty of formal experiments to help students learn difficult concepts, students will
always be engaged. New to this updated edition is the addition of extra “You Do Science” mini experiments that take concepts even further for the student.


SKU (ISBN): 9781946506511
Vicki Dincher
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: May 2020
Publisher: Apologia Educational Ministries


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